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A focus on black cross furs in Kopenhagen Fur by Lady Fur

Three weeks ago at Kopenhagen Fur we did a great service with some mutated minks, like the black cross that you can see in the photos and others.

I decided not to share all the photos in one post because the importance of this experience, among the most beautiful of my life, urges me to dilute them over time, to able to get across, picture by picture, all the love that I feel with this work.

When I claim to love my work I’m not lying, I really do love it. I love it so much that I can’t imagine dedicating my life to anything else. I love it because it helps me to learn and always discover new things and I love it even more because it stimulates my curiosity in such a vast and still little known sector.


Let me explain these photos. On the left there are unprocessed female black cross fur, and on the right there is me, with the finished garment with the same type of fur.

The black cross is a mutated mink, a cross between two minks: it has a natural colour that is very appreciated by designers. It has been used in the last years by many fur brands, that, in some cases, have just lightly reinforced the colour.

Some advice for the designers of the fashion and furniture design world:

Don’t use only natural black cross but try to colour it even with strong dyes, because the final result is something incredible.


Some months ago at MIB, one of the most important tanneries in Italy, I saw pink, blue, light blue, orange, red coloured furs. An expolosive Effect!

The white part of the fur absorbs the colour very well, the dark part a little less. Result: shadowy shade on shade effect like very rough brinatur. Too difficult to explain in a post without pictures… but I promise that on my first visit to MIB i will publish the photos of coloured blackcross!!! Stay tuned because I will soon be going to the tannery.

The games that you can play with colours on black cross are infinite.. try to imagine the beauty of being able to use a fur skin! To be able to study the colouring techniques, the effects, the shades, all according to your ideas and your designs!

I always say that colours are very important. Not to mention the combinations… how would you colour a black cross fur?

I will certainly use it in my next collection.

Coloured or in the natural state, trying to create a contrast that is strong, but new and of certain Effect.


Don’t ask yourselves why the mink skins in the photo have a bar code, you can read the previous posts where I explained very clearly and simply how fur sorting happens at the auction. I believe you could find them interesting.

Post one

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One more thing before I leave you:

Often on Facebook I receive friendship requests from people who love fur like me. what makes me smile is that instead of receiving messages with presentations like :”Hi I’m John: I follow your blog bla bla bla…” I receive messages of this type:

“Ciao Lady Fur. What’s your favourite fur / leather?”

Always the same question that will always, without fail, get the same answer:

“ I love them all, but in different ways. the world of fur is so vast and varied.”

If the question were : “What type of mink do you prefer? ” I would have no hesitation:

“Black Cross, the fur you can see in the photos.”

At the age of five I received my first fur: it was rabbit. I loved it, I played with it, but I was too small to understand what I had in my hands.

At fifteen, my first black cross. A very short and femimine natural colour mink jacket with pink lining. It was Christmas. I had received many other toys but that was the gift that opened up a whole new world for me.

Just think that I even wore it to skii =)=)

A few years ater for a birthday I asked for a second fur ( black cross again). I loved it so much that I still wear it today, every winter. I had the lining changed because it was all worn and I had the sleeved lengthened because, making a quick calculation, being 28 now, I have been wearing this fur for ten years.

My mother naturally every time she sees it excalims: Again!

But I shrug my shoulders!

I have others, it’s true, but I am still fond of my old black cross.

Its fur, differently from one colour mink, can make you forget old style fur, making every garment much younger.

Despite having my very own fur collection, I wear this garment for all my important appointments, dinners wth guys and friends, pratically always…

Besides, if fur, well taken care of, lasts 40 years how many “Again!”s will my mother have to exclaim?

Try black cross and that way you will understand what I am talking about.


LADY FUR The first and only fur blogger present on the web =)


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