Jaguar mink skins


Lady Fur will show you Jaguar mink skins  at Kopenhagen Fur auction house

In previous posts I spoke to you about my favourite, blackcross skins,, in this post instead I will tell you something about Jaguar mink skins.

Jaguar mink skins

Jaguar Skins appeared for the first time in a Finnish farm in the late sixties.

The main colour of this fur is white with asymmetric patches and black tail.

The top and under hair are black in patches that make the contrast between the black and the white all the more obvious.

The value of a male jaguar fur today is around 60 euros: it has increased a lot from 2010 to 2014 even if 2013 was the best year.

Do you like jaguar mink skins?

I have a beautiful fur  of jaguar mink skins that I wore during Copenhagen Fashion Week click here to see it

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