Fox fur tail collar in summer time

Fox fur tail collar how do you wear it in the summertime? Is it a good or a bad idea?

Richard Swartz, the owner of Mano Swartz fur shop in Baltimore, showed me all the fox fur tail collars he has at his fur shop, the oldest one of America. I fell in love with the one that you see in the photo, it is a “frost fox tail collar”.

It was 8 August, the middle of Summer, and I was in Baltimore.

For that day (it was a special day), since Richard Swartz took me to eat amazing beef at Jake Grill and to visit the Retro Fitness Gym (it is an amazing gym), I decided to wear vintage but contemporary fur outfit: fox fur tail collar with fur belt and Levis 501 jeans.

for tail fur collar lady fur mano swartz
Lady Fur

That morning I arrived at the Mano Swartz shop wearing my vintage 501 Levis customized with my name Lady Fur, a tank top and a belt in fur: shaved black mink , “stolen” the evening before from Mano Swartz.

I felt that my fur outfit was missing something, it was not ready for the day. I then went to the fur laboratory located inside the Mano Swartz fur shop to ask for tips about what I could add to my fur outfit. Could it be a good idea to wear a fox fur tail collar in the summertime with the jeans and the fur belt in mink? I was not sure about the result.

Cynthia the master furrier (a super-stylish woman) and Richard Swartz showed me many fox fur tails, fox fur collars, a spring fur coat in any colours and any typologies. As soon as I saw the foxtail collar I said that’s the one I want to wear.

Fur belt

As you know I love frost fox fur, I used that kind of fox also in my last fur collection in 2013. Not only, but I also LOVE FOX FUR TAIL do you remember my super first capsule crazy collection, with the jacket in leather and purple mink, a hood with cat ears and in the back with a fox tail?

However I decided to wear the foxtail collar in the middle of the summer.

I didn’t feel too warm because the day was a little bit cold.

woman wearing Fox fur tail collar
Lady Fur at the gym wearing fox fur tail collar and fur belt
woman kissing mirror wearing fur
I love this photo
woman wearing fox tail collar
Lady Fur
Vintage Gym
woman in the gym wearing Fox fur tail collar
I love that fox tail
Retro Fitness in Baltimore
woman wearing 501 levis jeans
Lady Fur 501 Levis with the mink belt



Fox fur tail collar


I really loved the fur outfit because it felt really different from the usual basic classic looks, was more 80’s and fresher.

And for the day it was perfect. Richard Swartz really wanted to show me his life in Baltimore so he took me to his favourite places, where he goes to the gym, where he eats. We spent amazing days and we had a lot of fun.

Stay tuned because soon I will share a new post about Mano Swartz

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Photos: Azzurra Piccardi 


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