Bag with light inside L’Ed Emotion Design

Bag with light inside? Yes my bag in real leather made in Italy has a light led inside. L’Ed Emotion Design is the brand.

I have shared one thousand funny videos on my Snapchat: LadyFur about the super technological bag with a light inside. You asked many times: please tell me the name of the bag with the light inside, Tell me the brand!! I want it! Finally today I will share with you all info about  L’Ed Emotion Design bag.

First of all, beloved fur lovers, L’Ed Emotion Design designer Sara Giunti, is a fur lover like us=) and she has made many bags with fur.

To visit L'Ed Emotion Design web site

The bag with light inside doesn’t have only the light, the led illumination, the L’Ed Emotion design bag has something that has totally got me HOOKED.

You know, the three things that you can’t do without….. Mine are: L’Ed Emotion Design bag, my Iphone 6, and my piece of fur that I have carried with me since I was 3, these are the three things that I carry with me every day.

Bag with light inside L'Ed Emotion Design
Lady Fur L’Ed Emotion Design

Fur lovers it’s not the light in the bag that hooked me, it’s not the fetish sensation of touching the leather of the bag, it’s not the big caption but it’s the:  BATTERY CHARGER that is placed in the bag.

If until 2 months ago my family, friends were happy when my iPhone went down because finally they could have a “normal dialogue” with me, now I live connected on my blog and social networks 24/7. I live with the iphone connected to my bag. My Iphone’s battery hasn’t run out since.

L’Ed Emotion Design bag has changed my life style in a better way.

I used to finish many conversation like: I’m so sorry, I’m mortified,  my phone battery i’s going to die, Sweetie I’ll call you later, ok? (it sometimes could be also a good excuse to end a conversation that was going to be too long .-.,  but after this post I won’t ever use it anymore) hahah

L’Ed Emotion Design bag has also been the most attractive object of my summer (I have worked like a crazy as you saw on my blog I have been to Copenhagen, Baltimore, Monaco as well as to the north of Denmark where I took these photos at Saga Furs Design Center during my workshop). While on the flight, every time I opened my bag, the person next to me asked me: “Does your bag have a light inside? Are you charging you Iphone in the bag?” “YES I am” (I met many interesting people)

L'Ed Emotion Design bag
Lady Fur Mauro Gasperi total look, L’Ed Emotion Design bag, Saga Furs hat
Saga Furs Design Center

When I understood that the L’Ed Emotion Design bag with the light inside was useful to create interest I used it to break the ice with my client. Hahahah

You know, sometimes it’s not easy to start  a business  meeting  relaxed, with a good mood, so as first thing as I met my costumers  I asked:  please before starting our meeting let me show something really technological and innovative from Italy. I opened my bag =) and the client looked curious and perplexed.
Clients opened the bag and the reaction was: IT’S AMAZINGGGG I want to buy it, who is the designer and so…. we talked 10 minutes about the technological bag with light inside and than we started the meeting super relaxed =)=)

Now you probably are asking  where are the photos of the bag open with the light? Correct? I don’t have any sorrysad I took out the usb pen drive from my mac in a really bad way, and I lost the photos.
Please click here to see the light of the bag and I will share new photos from the shooting that I will do in New York in the next days =)=)

How to wear L’Ed Emotion Design bag

I wear L’Ed Emotion Design bag with all kinds of styles: casual, elegant, sporty, classic. In this case I’m wearing a total black leather fur outfit=)

The fur hat comes from Saga Furs, the pants and shirt in leather and fur come from Mauro De Gasperi and the bag from L’Ed Emotion Design.

Bag with light inside L'Ed Emotion Design
Total Black outfit
Saga Furs Design Center

As I mentioned before and in the some previous posts I took these photos at Saga Furs Design Center, I was there for an important workshop about fox, finraccoon and mink. I obtained the Fur Diploma. Yesterday I framed the diploma and I hung it on the wall of my room.

To visit the web site of “Saga Furs Design Center”


Lady Fur working on the fur sample Sailor Moon Inspiration
Lady Fur working on the fur sample Sailor Moon Inspiration



I don’t need to say how beautiful Saga Furs Design Center is because you can see it from the photos.

About Saga Furs I will share many many other posts STAY TUNED!


Fur lovers I love you so much=).
Your Lady Fur ( Miao Miao)


Photo: Jana Anhalt

Make Up: Laura Laira 

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