Lady Fur at Davide’s Wall

I want to share with Davide’s wall the super innovative project by Davide Micciulla.

Underwear and fur are paired up.

For me fur is not just an esthetic pleasure, it’s not just colour, shape, quality or the importance of its role in the fashion or luxury worlds…these are not the factors that attract my attention. 

I like fur for the strong sensual power it gives off when I look at it, when I caress it, when I wear it. 

I love all furs but my favourite are long haired ones like sable, chincilla, mink, fox but I love also the shorter ones like seal, persian etc…

In the video I am wearing two furs on my underwear by Christies: a very soft chincilla and an amazing sable by Christian Ghielmetti  

Miao miao

Lady Fur

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