Saga Furs Design Center Diploma

Saga Furs design center diploma, I have it. I learned about how to work with Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon and Saga Furs’ quality system.

I obtained the diploma because I took part in the workshop organized by Saga Furs design center.

One afternoon in 2014 during the presentation of my collection, part of the Saga Furs design center team looking at it (the work on my pieces was very basic) invited me to take part in their seminar where I could positively my qualities as designer. “Lady Fur come to our course we will help you to improve. You will learn new techniques, we will help you to achieve what you think is impossible to create, you will acquire knowledge that will be useful in the future both in the role of designer and of blogger”.

Finally after a year I was able to go to the Saga Furs design center course where I obtained the Diploma.

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I cut some of my fingers, the needle pricked my thumb, I broke the needle of the sewing machine just a couple of times, the sample of fox fur work inspired by Sailor Moon’s sceptor didn’t really ressemble the idea I had in mind (but it’s in the mood ), I put the expert furriers’ patience to the test and I thank them infinitely for putting up with me and above all for helping me. The experience at Saga Furs Design Center was incredibile but above all very useful.


I started out as a stylist, I have also done two collections with my brand, I have the final vision of how I would like the pieces, I love choosing the colours, the skins and all the rest but I don’t have great manuality =) Above all I HAVE NO PATIENCE.


For a designer who wants to use fur, working with a team of experts like that of Saga Furs is fundamentaly important. Working with Saga Furs technicians opens your mind.

For a designer I think this workshop is fundamentally important.

Working with fur HAS NO LIMITS. With fur skin you can really create anything. This is the second thing that Saga Furs teaches you.

The first? Respect for the material: fur skin. They teach you not to waste even a centimetre. RESPECT FOR THE MATERIAL.

I was cutting fuchsia fox skin with a fur knife wasting two or three centimetres. I was immediately ‘told off’. “Lady Fur you are working with fur of an extremly high quality, you must love and respect what you are using. Cut better, study how to save centimetres and what is left even if they are small pieces put them in the box that you can find next to you. NOTHING GOES TO WASTE.

When I arrived at Saga Furs Design Center I thought I would receive lessons from master furriers on how to create working techniques. I armed myself with my iPad to take notes.

Instead, after an introduction about fox fur, mink and finnraccoon they taught me how to recognise the various types of fox, showed me work and finished pieces. By the way, the colours of natural fox are beautiful: I can’t wait to share the photos with you. Then they told me: “Lady Fur create something that you would have liked to made for your previous collection but you did not because you had no one helping you in doing it, or at least create something new, a new work, as long as it does not already exist”.

Saga has an archive of samples of fur pieces that would make a museum jealous…It’s difficult to create something that has no similarity with what they already have. I took inspiration from my old collection, from Sailor Moon. I would have liked to make some geometric inlays with stones and python.

sailor moon

The work I chose, however, was definitely more complicated, the time was short considering that I was also doing the video for the blog to share this experience with you.


I had to go for a simpler work: inlay with pink and white fox fur that you can see in the video. Do you remember the bag I showed you years ago?

The work I did should recall Sailor Moon’s scepter: fox fur inlayed at the edges, the inside parte shaved mink with embroidered stones.


Lady Fur Sailor Moon Collection
Lady Fur draws of Sailor Moon Fur
Lady Fur Sailor Moon Collection
Lady Fur draws of Sailor Moon Fur

Those were five unforgettable days. I want to thank Saga Furs for allowing me to learn new techniques, for teaching me how to respect the material, for helping me to enrich my personal expertise and for the trust they have shown me during these years.

Miao Miao
Lady Fur
first and only fur blogger present on the web

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Photo: Jana Anhalt

Make Up: Laura Laira

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