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Fur video. In September I published the summary of the video titled “fur video Mano Swartz”.

Fur Video, I love this video, I know it’s long but if you have time watch it and if you did not have 12 minutes to spare then I suggest you watch the first one that is long 1 minutes. Today I will share with you the complete version that tells of my experience with Richard Swartz in Baltimore in America. Eleven unforgettable days.

To see the post created with Mano Swartz on my blog type Mano Swartz in the SEARCH of my blog click here.

Mano Swartz has recently launched an online shop full of furs.

All the furs that you see in the video are from Mano Swartz, you can find them on its site. For the next New York Fashion Week 11- 18 February I will wear one of their furs I can’t wait to share it with you it’s amazing. If I can make it I will go to Baltimore to visit what I call my “American family”: Richard and his team.

For those who have never visited my site and don’t know who Mano Swartz is, for those who want to know why I made a “fur video“, below there is a brief explanation.

fur video mano swartz lady fur
Lady Fur wearing fox vest by Mano Swartz 70s looks

Who is Mano Swartz?

Mano Swartz is an American fur brand, more precisely it is the oldest furrier in America. Richard Swartz is the fourth generation of the Swartz dynasty. I did a post sitting amongst portraits of his ancestors. Mano Swartz sells furs but also buys and resells them. Or rather a five-star service. Click here to read the post regarding the sale of vintage or used furs.

The meeting of Lady Fur and Richard Swartz

Richard Swartz and I met on the web. On Linkedin in 2015. I opened my blog four years ago with precisely the goal of attracting and meeting as many people as possible with my same passion for fur. Richard, after reading my blog, signed up for my newsletter, contacted me through Linkedin. Chance would have it that a few months later we both went to the American fur fair in Iloe Fair. In Chicago I met Richard Swartz, we spoke for hours. HOURS. Here the post of our meeting reveals my enthusiasm. We immediately became friends. Richard loves my videos and he proposed making one with him. Fur Video Story  (the trailer and fur video the complete version) He invited me to visit his furrier’s in Baltimora in America in August.

Lady Fur in Baltimore with Mano Swartz

The welcome at my arrival was crazy, for my arrival Richard put up a giant board above his store WELCOME LADY FUR. His team, his family are wonderful people and I immediately felt at home. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I don’t want to be repetitive I wrote in detail everything that happened day by day read the previous posts – it’s worth it above all for the photos. I worked with one of the best photographers of my team Azzurra Piccardi who also did the fur video story

The online shop of Mano Swartz

Richard is fascinated by the world of the web, in fact in September he launched the online fur shop. I advise you to check it out because it sells furs with really competitive prices and you can find everything, accessories, vintage fur, classic fur, soft toys, a bit of everything.

In the photos that you see, I am wearing a fox vest by Mano Swartz.

fur video mano swartz lady fur
Lady Fur wearing fox vest by Mano Swartz 70s looks
fur video mano swartz lady fur azzurra piccardi
Lady Fur wearing fox vest by Mano Swartz 70s looks

Fur Video Story Mano Swartz

I know, the title fur video story sounds a bit strange, but now I will explain why I titled the post and video fur video story Mano Swartz. I typed  “fur video” on Google and terrible, violet, unreal, false, shocking and I repeat FALSE, videos came up. THE VIDEOS ARE FALSE. FULL STOP.

God only knows who are the people who are paid to create them and better still who paid these miserable people to make them. Maybe the same associations that claim to defend animals to get people to invest in their associations? mmm possible. Let’s think about it for a moment. 5 SECONDS

– if the animals were skinned alive like that the skins would be unusable, unsellable, nothing.

Furrier’s animals must grow well psychologically, if not the hair is ruined, it doesn’t shine, it’s not quality and has no market value. Not only, but the animal must also have been DEAD  for at least 12/24 HOURS before using it.

The animals we eat, or all the leather accessories we wear and use instead, come from animals where it doesn’t matter to anyone if they have good skin, so they can grow up stressed, nervous etc… I am not attacking the other sectors, it’s just to make you think that our fur sector is the one that has the animals grow up in the best way possible. Our animals must be well psychologically. But unfortunately, we have all always been media victims. The fur sector has never invested in communication to defend our sector because the associations have been organized by very old people. Only for a few years have sites existed that certify and explain exactly what happens in our sector. Thetruthaboutfur, Wearefur, are sites full of true information. They are sites that don’t earn selling fur, they don’t need people to invest in associations..differently from the animalist ones like P… They are international associations that must respect the laws. So what is written on the sites of the fur associations is THE TRUTH not opinion. Whilst if you watch the videos on youtube, those are opinionated, you don’t know who made them, they don’t certify anything.

Think about what I have written.

Lady Fur First and only fur blogger present on the web

fur blogger lady fur


  • In America, 95% of all fur farms voluntarily participate in a program developed by the American Veterinary Medical Association to insure humane, ethical, and best practices. Farms are recertified every three years by independent vets. Abused and mistreated animals will not produce quality fur, nor are they likely to reproduce successfully.

    It’s also disingenuous for the animal rights groups to make any issue about conditions on fur farms regardless of what they may be. It would make no difference if the animals on fur farms lived in the lap of luxury of a five star hotel because in the end they are euthanized, so the animal rights groups would still object to it. They pretend that fur farms are horrible because they know that most people do not object to fur farming as long as the animals are properly cared for, so they lie about fur farms to try and sway public opinion.

    Samantha, I have to ask if Richard took you down to Little Itlay for dinner when you were here in Baltimore last time? If not, then I hope you get to visit on your next trip. There’s also an incredible traditional Spanish restaurant called Tio Pepe that is a must for dinner when in Baltimore.

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