The Pearl Qatar Island

The Pearl Qatar Island photos of one of my typical days in Porto Arabia

The Pearl Qatar Island is a man-made island situated in Doha, composed of 12 extreme luxury areas, where I was for a full fortnight. I can’t wait to go back. I cried when I had to go back Milan. Doha is in my heart. If you have followed me on Snapchat you will have seen all the videos I uploaded precisely at The Pearl Qatar. Follow me: Lady Fur

 I will briefly tell you what The Pearl Qatar is and below I will show you a typical day with loads of photos shot by Karl Moreto. 

As written above The Pearl (pearl of Qatar) has 12 areas

Porto Arabia, Viva Bahriyah, Costa Malaz, Isola Dana, Abraj Quartiers, Perlita VillasGiardino Villas, Qanat Quartier, Medina Centrale, Floresta Gardens, The Villas, La Plage South But many of these are still under construction. I will tell you below about those where I spent the most time:

  • Porto Arabia The Pearl Qatar is where I have an appartament, it’s an extreme luxury, elegant residential area, the heart of The Pearl. Porto Arabia is a port in the shape of a semi circle full of luxury shops like Missoni, Dsquared2, Hermes, Etro Home, Santoni and exquisite restaurants like Megu, a super exquisite, extreme luxury Japanese restaurant on two floors with a breathtaking view, Krane a Chinese resaturant which is also super (I did a shoot there the day I went there for dinner as soon as the photos are ready I will share them), Tabkha where I ate Arab ciusine loads of times (I put on 3 kilos)…I could describe many others but I prefer to do it telling you about my typical day in  Porto Arabia with the photos below. 
  •  Medina Centrale The Pearl Qatar is a quarter dedicated to fun and it is practically the centre of The Pearl in fact you can go there on foot.  There is the cinema Novo with a super modern VIP room, I took photos and I will share them in the next posts. There are loads of restaurants, luxury car showrooms, there is a Harley Davidson showroom, a huge cool games room, caramellized pop corn in all flavours, bars and much more. I can’t say every night but nearly I was in Medina Centrale.
  •  Qanat Quartier The Pearl Qatar is a small quarter similar Venice. There are houses in light blue, pink and yellow pastel colours, bridges, there is the canal and there is the beach. It’s like being in Italy in the beautiful Venice.
  • Viva Bahirya The Pearl Qatar is a perfect quarter for sporty people and families, incredibly GREEN. Surprisingly but true in Doha they have managed to make gardens with beautiful colourful flowers. It’s a very chic and modern area.

LivIng at The Pearl Qatar in Porto Arabia  

But was does it mean to live at  The Pearl? Just arrived it felt like being in a film. Imagine walking in an oasis of calm where love and calm reign. There is no shouting, no delinquance, there are lots of children laughing and having fun, their parents walk close to them, some hand in hand. The Arabs wear traditional clothes. The men wear a white tunic, Kandura, long down to their ankles and on their heads they have a type of long rectangular scarf folded in a triangle and worn in different styles with a crown made in a circle. They all look like princes.  The women wear very long traditional black dresses made by local designers, some with embriodery but always black. The women’s faces are covered like with the burka, not all of the women, I find them amazingly elegant.

The Arabs are very proud of their culture and religion. They are very sociable people, elegant and good. They adore children.

The Arab’s white tunics have no creases I have no idea how they iron them but one thing is sure, it works well. The Arabs walk with a very straight back because they have a circle on their head set on the white scarf, they have beautiful posture. Class.

Ok I am going on  too much about the Arab’s costumes but I like them so much.

 Let me tell you about my typical day at The Pearl Qatar

 In the morning I get up early at about 7.30 and I go and have breakfast in two places. If I am feeling lazy I go under my house to Shakespeare,  a restaurant that does exquiste breakfasts. I always have yoghurt with fruit and granola. If I want to walk I go to Chocolate Bar.

Chocolate Bar is on the right side of the Circle of Porto Arabia. I get there on foot or by Taxi Golf Buggy, I like going there for breakfast and lunch because it’s near fashion, design shops etc… Needless to say the chocolate brioche is exquisite, if I eat little in the evenning, I often have the delicious eggs you see in the photos.

Here below are the photos of the Chocolate Bar



After breakfast I go to have my hair and nails done at Rony Nacouzi Ladies Salon. Men cannot enter (luckily, so noone sees me ugly)

the_pearl_qatar_24 the_pearl_qatar_22 the_pearl_qatar_23

After making myself look beautiful I work for a few hours on the terrace of my appartment in Porto Arabia or I go shopping.

In Porto Arabia you can move around on foot (if you’re not wearing heels) or by golf taxi or better still by WATER TAXI.

MMissoni Dress

the_pearl_qatar_15 the_pearl_qatar_13 the_pearl_qatar_14 the_pearl_qatar_18 the_pearl_qatar_16 the_pearl_qatar_20

 I love water taxis, here below are the photos, it costs very little, it’s really fast and the views are great.

With the water taxi after the beauticians I went around the various fashion and luxury shops.

The Pearl is crawling with super cool fashion, furnishings, multi and mono brand shops. In the photos I went to Santoni. I bought myself a Christmas gift in the sales.


the_pearl_qatar_26 the_pearl_qatar_29 the_pearl_qatar_28


In the afternoon I did some pilates and I went to Medina Centrale. I still have loads of other photos but I won’t upload them in this post because it could make it too long..  Follow me, tomorrow I will publish a second post (I have 7) 

In these photos I am wearing a dress by MMissoni brought from MMissoni at The Pearl and a Drome jacket Le Capresi Shoes 

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