Mink fur coat for Copenaghen Fashion Week and some criticizes

Miao Miao,

I’m back in Milan and I have not had a moment’s rest, I’m working day and night … but I’m happy.. it’s a shame that my “non friends” continue to criticize me behind my back.

And here I must open a brief parenthesis about my private life: the reason for my “non-friends” being angry is because I have not called or shown myself to them since a few months ago.

In this moment my only thoughts are the COLLECTION, BLOG, and my GOALS (which does not cover the entire job, I assure you).

A hard moment for months.. but if I cannot not focalize myself on the work in this startup phase, I might as well close my business.

I would like to stop them telling me all these “str….and” on the subject of balance.. because balance I surely have, however it is different from theirs.


In fact, I think I have a super balance. I work alone, I live in a city that is not mine, develop projects and I am happy without having to go out every night, have a boyfriend, meditate, or take anti-anxiety drugs.

I hope that these “friends” (I am not referring to those closest that I can count on the fingers of my hands), one day succeed in understanding me and stop criticizing me behind my back, as well as judging me just because I do a job that is unknown to them.

I close the parenthesis on my private life. Excuse me for the outburst.

Tomorrow we will deliver the video to Elle.it. I cannot wait to share it with you. #emotion

In these days we are still brainstorming for the construction of the stand at Mifur (the fair will be held from March 4th to the 7th) come and visit me!! Pavilion 14, place F14 G15 =)=). I received many of your ideas and projects, I really would like to thank you all so much.

As soon as I make the stand in 3d, I will share it with you =)=).

And Monday, finally, (I’m not in the skin), welovefur.com will have the new layout.

In these photos, I found myself in Copenhagen for Copenhagen Fashion Week.


MiAo MiAo

Lady Fur

Fox fur and shaved mink coat: Carlo Ramello

Sunglasses: Prada

Boots made of genuine leather: Strategia

Tights: Le FluFlu

Photos: Mattia Kamikaze

Makeup: Timo Raatikainen

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