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  • Dear Lady Fur,

    I´m writing to you, here from Copenhagen. I am following you on Instagram and have read your blog and i ad mire your passion for fur.
    I just read your blog, Will I make it and can only say, Yes you will. I was only 23 years old when I started in the fur business, that was in 1978.
    I am designer of very exclusive fur accessories and very known in Denmark. I have sold to Bergdorfs in New York for many years and celebrities including the Royal families in Europe.
    Now I only sell from my shop here in Copenhagen and in a shop in the fashion area around Avenue Montaigne in Paris.
    I am not of your generation, but follows all the new trends within the fur fashion and business.
    I am from the generation with colors and more wild design. The 80`ties was the hight of the fur fashion, a fantastic time.
    I design and handmade all my fur accessories and both a furrier, a tailor and and artist.

    I thought, I would write to you, since you are coming to Copenhagen for the Fashion week.
    If you have some spare time, you are very welcome to come and visit my work studio here in Copenhagen. It´s not so far from Tivoli.

    I recommend you to visit the National Museum in Copenhagen, where they have a huge exhibition about fur and the problematic issue about it.
    They are exhibiting the largest collection of fur garments, brought back from the Danish explorer
    Knud Rasmussen on his travels to Greenland, Alaska, Sibiria.
    I am also represented with one of my hats and are a part of the debate about the use of fur, in which Kopenhagen Fur is also participating.

    I have great knowledge about fur garments in the old cultures, such as Greenland, Siberia etc.
    If you have time I can give you an introduction and show you around the exhibition. I assisted the museum a bit with the exhibition of old and contemporary fur garments and had a show with my fur hats and accessories there.

    I had a meeting with the museum and Kopenhagen fur, before the exhibition opened and I can tell you, that even Kopenhagen Fur, had never seen anything like it and was wildly impressed, of how the old cultures,were able to sew such beautiful coats, more advance techniques, only done by hand, than you see today.

    The exhibition also show fur coats from Jean Paul Gaultier and other know furriers and tools and ways, of how to sew and cut fur and much more.

    I think you will find it very interesting and most of all, you will learn a great deal, about how they worked with fur in the cold areas. It is the largest collection of fur coats, from the Nordic areas in the world and it will not be presented again in our lifetime, I think.

    Hope you have a good trip to Copenhagen.

    Feel free to contact me, if you feel like it.

    Best Regards
    Jane Eberlein.

    My mobile is +45 2726 1445.

    website: http://www.samarkand.dd

    Instagram: fur_accessories_copenhagen.
    Pinterest: Samarkanddk

    Dag Hammarskjølds Alle 32.
    2100. Copenhagen Ø

    • Dear Jane

      I really appreciate your comment and your story.

      I would like to meet you in CPH.

      I will send u an email with my Iphone number <3 <3


      I will follow you on Instagram =)


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