Kopenhagen Fur Show 2014 CPHFW

Kopenhagen Fur Show 2014 at CPHFW the video of an amazing danish experience

A video different from the norm.. less magical and more realistic. I’m happy to share with you my experience with Kopenhagen Fur at Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

Kopenhagen Fur show When I think about how my journey with Kopenhagen Fur began by my attendance of the mink sorting course in 2011, look at the post here , and that over the last two years it brought me a close collaboration with the auction house that I truly love, which has the nickname the mother of all the brands and shops of fur, my heart is filled with joy.

It’s useless to say that the morning of the fashion show I was emotional just by the thought alone of meeting the big family of Kopenhagen Fur. With no time to arrive at the front of the City Hall, the grand antique building in the center of Copenhagen where the fashion shows are held, I immediately met Lone who is the quality responsible of fur at Kopenhagen Fur (I had interviewed her some time ago, do you remember?) Click here.. 

Kopenhagen Fur was one of the principal sponsors of the Copenhagen Fashion Week and opened/inaugurated the Danish Fashion Week with a lavish show: 800 guests, including business managers, international buyers, designers, and politicians.

As I already mentioned in the video that I posted on elle.it, the major part of the designers of the Danish Fashion Week proposed, in many different ways, fur in their collections. Could it have been the influence of the mother of fur, the Kopenhagen Fur? Most likely =). When I first arrived to the front of the City Hall I remained impressed and a bit surprised of the show projected: masks of Chinese dragons that moved and sound of drums in perfect harmonic symphony of the dragon dance in honour of the Chinese New Year.

I did not understand right away that the show was of China and Denmark. Six designers, three Chinese and three Danes that proposed their vision for 2015.

Chinese and Danish? When Laerke mentioned this to me, I immediately thought of the differences between their two styles … but it’s crazy how much the Danes have approached the Chinese style and the Chinese style Danish. The result? Minimal Asian Chic.

For Denmark: Anne Sofie Madsen, Freya Dalsjö and Jean Philip. For China: Youz, Jamy Wee and Beauty Berry.

The Danes presented tailoring with soft lines, mink inlaid in geometric patterns and minimalistic cuts. Even if the only color that Danish designers count is usually black, surprisingly the colors of these collections consisted of white, cream, pastel blue, brown and black.  Anne Sofie Madsen broke the rules by interpreting and revisiting sportswear clothing in matching leather techniques, rope, and furs such as fox and mink.

But the part of the show that struck me the most were the menswear looks! A sportive, yet elegant man. Bomber jacket with mink, mink fur of soft cut but slightly fitted, with harmonic bomber leather inserts in the chest, as if to enhance virility.

Jean Philip, a Danish brand of men’s couture has enhanced their style, very cool but with precise attention to detail, presenting a knee-length coat with a fox collar.

The Chinese designers also proposed minimalistic garments of soft lines. Youz played with black and white stripes, Jamy Wee designed inlays of mink and fox. BeautyBerry, a Chinese brand found by designer Wang Yu Tao, was my absolute favourite, it was inspired by the style of Urban and reinterpreted the concept with garments in fox and mink that were tough and masculine.

The man of BeautyBerry is a decisive one that is secure of himself, and proud to wear fur. The outfits, other than being of the upmost quality and truly innovative in my opinion, were above all: sellable.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the designer and was immediately struck by his strength and determination that sets in his want to achieve his major objectives relating to the development of the brand. He is a true creative entrepreneur, not only a fashion designer, which I think will be his strong point. He has a 360-degree view of his entire business: from the style of the creation, from the research of form and color to the salability and development.

Wang Yu Tao told me that soon we will encounter him once again as he will be a participant in one of the fashion weeks of Milan or Paris.

This March I will be present at his show that will take place during Beijing Fashion Week. I can’t wait, I am beyond excited.

And finally, the party which I attended at the end of the fashion show with the team of Kopenhagen Fur and guests gave me truly unforgettable moments.

The next appointment with the mother of fur is during April for the auction.

Kisses to everyone,

Miao Miao

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Video by SDR team

Makeup and hair : Timo Raatikainen

Video maker : Mattia Kamikaze

Brand Garments : Byblos, Moon Boot, Maria Grazia Severi, Daniele Carlotta, Carlo Ramello, Radà, Strategia leather boots, Alberto Guardiani liptisck boots, Prada, Grevi, Manoush, Sweet Matilda and Moschino.

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