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With La Prairie I feel BEAUTIFUL!

You look tired! Tomorrow you have to do the video, rest, go to sleep ….


Did you sleep? Are you okay? You’re a bit ‘pale! Do you have dark circles, were you up late?

These are some of the phrases / questions you hate to hear.

I have a highly stressful life, often traveling, working late and wake up early, I’m close to 30 , and I have the hormonal changes …

I would like to respond to these people: I can not afford to have a tired face. But in reality I’m not that happy to see my face in the mirror overlooked.

Even the creams prescribed by several dermatologists have had a positive outcome so as to improve my appearance.

Having a face bright, healthy, hydrated, elastic that conveys health and happiness is paramount in my work. Would you ever invest in someone that has a face that seems stressed and unhappy neglected etc, etc? I would not.

Thanks to Francesca a few weeks ago I tried a product of La Prairie. Incredible!

After trying the treatment at the Rinascente here in Milan, I applied a serum on my face and then with bubble glass containing a liquid ice continued with a massage. The liquid activated serum stimulated circulation.

The tone of my skin became pink, dark circles disappeared as if by magic: it was a long time since I saw such a beautiful and brilliant.


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Since that day, I have been using the CAVIAR line every morning. It tightens and relaxes.

In the post I showed only the serum for the eye area that I use even around the lips.

I have very sensitive eyes that can not stand any kind of cream. This serum can also be spread to the skin over the eyelids and gives absolutely no hassle.

I would recommend trying the serum or taking advice from one of the vendors of the Prairie, for a suitable cream to your skin. Because this magical composition WORKS.

Since I discovered the line of La Prairie with caviar extracts I can not do without it. My face looks much more refreshed and colorful.


Lady Fur


In the next post I will reveal a secret of my wealfare MEGA NFC medical.

ladyfur, pinkgirl, sexygirl



Photo Mattia Moscato

Hotel Diana Milan


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