Jakes Grill Mano Swartz experience day 2

Dear fur lovers I’m so happy to be back to post. In particular this post about Mano Swartz experience at Jakes Grill

Those who follow me on Instagram know what happened in these days. Everything is explained on Lady Fur Instagram 🙂

I’m sharing some of the photos taken in Baltimore during my experience with Mano Swartz. If you lost the first post click here.

If you want to visit the Mano Swartz Fur shop web site

For lunch Richard and his wife Debbie Swartz took me to Jakes Grill to eat amazing beef.

I can’t believe I ate the sandwich that you see on the photo. I ate it all plus pork. It was super delicious (I put on 3 kilos back from Baltimore) 🙂

If you go in Baltimore I totally advise you to eat at Jakes Grill. It is a real American experience. People from Jakes Grill are super stylish and sweet as you can see in the photos. The atmosphere is magic.

I really loved the experience with Mano Swartz because Richard Swartz really understand how I work without my explaining anything.

He transformed our prioject that was already super amazing into something really special.

Everything every single thing that we did: breakfats, lunch, dinner, chatting, walk, my arrival everything was special and super emotional.

Our plan was to do 4-6 posts in total.  The result is that I have more than 10 posts to share.

I shared day by day video on snapchat and I have downloaded them and today I will share on my blog in a unique video. My team is on vacation I will try to edit myself. 🙂

I hope you will like it 🙂

About my fur look 

In the photos I’m wearing a stole with mink soon available on the new shop of Mano Swartz, Levi’s vintage jeans, a belt in mink from Mano Swartz and a collar Catene from Mano Swartz 80s.

I hope you like my fur look. It’s little bit different from my usual serious classic style but in this period I’m so influenced by 80s and 90s and I like to play.

Don’t miss my first post about my experience with Mano Swartz

Did you see my interpretation of Dior Campaign? Lady Turligton ? I love it 

Photos: Azzurra Piccardi 


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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Photos: Azzurra Piccardi 


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