Fur is good for your sleep

Fur is good for sleep Lady Fur

Fur is good for your sleep. I’m not making it up. Dear fur fans and antifur followers did you know that sleeping on fur is good for your health in particular in infancy?

Animal fur has been found to reduce the risk of asthma, a new study has found. (This can’t happen with faux leather– cheap petroleum based fur, just to be clear:)

Researchers have found that babies sleeping on animal fur for their first 3 months of life could have a reduced risk of developing asthma later in childhood. That’s great!

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When I was a child I used to sleep with my “Titti” an animal fur blanket that I used to stroke with my finger, until when I felt asleep 🙂 I held it with me for many years.

I  have copied below the most important part of the article if you want to read more please click here 

sleep on animal fur Mano Swartz
Mano Swartz fur blanket

The new research, presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress in Munich today (8 September 2014), suggests that exposure to the microbial environment in animal skin and fur could have a protective effect against asthma and allergies.

Previous studies have suggested that exposure to a wider range of environments from a young age could be protective against asthma and allergies. These findings have not been confirmed conclusively in urban settings. In this new study, researchers investigated children from a city environment who had been exposed to animal skin by sleeping on the material shortly after birth.

Data from a German birth cohort called Lisaplus were used. The cohort included over 3,000 healthy newborns who were mainly recruited in 1998.

The researchers collected information on exposure to animal skin during the first three months of life, along with information on the health of children until the age of 10 years. Information on 2,441 children was used in the study, with 55% of those included sleeping on animal skin in the first three months of life.

The results showed that sleeping on animal skin was associated with a reduced risk of a number of factors connected to asthma. The chance of having asthma at the age of 6 years was 79% lower in children who had slept on animal skin after birth compared with those who were not exposed to animal skin. The risk decreased to 41% by the age of 10.

Dr Christina Tischer, from the Helmholtz Zentrum München Research Centre, said: “Previous studies have suggested that microbes found in rural settings can protect from asthma. An animal skin might also be a reservoir for various kinds of microbes, following similar mechanisms as has been observed in rural environments. Our findings have confirmed that it is crucial to study further the actual microbial environment within the animal fur to confirm these associations.”

However sleeping on animal fur blanket is good because it is a natural material, it is thermal, doesn’t make you sweat at night and doesn’t create strange irritation to your skin. I have 2 cats and one dog and they sleep in fur =) They love rolling around on fur carpets and on fur blankets. 🙂

I used to sleep on fur and I still sleep on it. Thank you Richard Swartz for the super soft fur animal blanket – it is amazing.

In the photos that you see I was in Baltimore for the project with Mano Swartz. Soon I will share the video of my amazing super incredible unforgettable experience and many others photos.

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Fur is good for sleep Mano Swartz
Fur Mano Swartz sleep

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I decided to say ciao bye bye as I used to do many 2 years ago:

Miao Miao
Your Lady Fur

Lady Fur firma




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