Lady Fur for Carlo Ramello in Monte Carlo

I’m so happy to share with you the pictures of Carlo Ramello‘s latest ad campaign with me, Lady Fur, as protagonist, set in the beautiful city of Monte Carlo.

Carlo Ramello also realized a magic fashion show: on the catwalk there were more than 100 incredible fur coats. Unfortunately, though, I hadn’t been able to be there in person, because of many work commitments that could not wait.

Is such a pity not have a single picture of me, right next to the 8 giant posters of the campaign, that were displayed all around Monte Carlo. Luckily for me though, the photograph Stefano De Lorenzi took many pictures of them, so that I can show them to all of you. Aren’t them amazing?
You may remember about Stefano because we made a funny video together few years ago, called “Get the look of Lady Fur”.

Carlo Ramello is a top brand boutique where you can find some of the most exclusive fur brands in the all World. In Monte Carlo is the usual destination for the luxury tourism, as well as for the local “cream”. You can find it near the Casinò.

Carlo Ramello has been one of the first to believe in my project, and I will always be thankful to him for that. His support helped me during my professional development, and I truly hope our collaboration will last for ever.

Anyway, let’s now talk about my fur look, where the most important piece of clothing is a mink coat from Vladimiro Gioia.

You can find the other posts about Carlo Ramello’s ad campaign here.

If the video “Get the look of Lady Fur” made you feel like reliving the good old days, have a look to one my first posts, at Roberto Cavalli fashion show.


Lady Fur





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