PARIS : 1K of crazy meetings

Chantal Thomass, Ashi Studio, Recine Carrée, Giancarlo Petriglia, Colette Milady, Vladimiro Gioia, Tranoi, Premiere Classe, Rindi, Radà are just some of the designers and locations seen …

Here is my summary my day:

In the morning after working at the blog and sending two projects (cross your fingers for me), I went to Tranoi and Premiere Classe, I collaborated with a number of brands including Jolie by Rindi, and did a little research.


At Tranoi I went to visit my favorite designer for handbags GIANCARLO PETRIGLIA,as you see in the picture. His new collection is absolutely SUPER BEAUTIFUL I cannot wait to wear it.

Later I went to Vladimiro Gioia’s showroom.

Then I met Rebecca Saga Furs, I crossed half of Paris on foot and I visited the historic fur shop Milady  for a meeting with the director.

And then it was the turn of Ashi, a brand of a young Lebanese designers of Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter. In the picture above you see the dress I wore.ashi lady fur paris

And again: I visited Chantal Thomass, the famous designer of lingerie,  founder of Ter et Bantine. She received me in her house all set in beautiful shades tending to purple and pink. Unforgettable experience.chantal thomass

This concise summary of what has been my day and the photos you see are only “tastings” because soon I will dedicate a post to each of the meetings made. We took a LOT of pictures!

The day ended with a cocktail at Colette.

Upon our return home ( little bit drunk because of the aperitif at Colette)  we shot  RE BATH …. What? It is  ‘the new version of the post, shooted in Copenhagen, with the  fox mack of Kopenhagen Fur in the bathroom.

This: click here.

Soon photos

Today for the last day in Paris are full of appointments.

Yesterday in my application of the iPhone I made 14K STEPS and I INCREASED LEVELS 17.

Today for the last day in Paris with all the appointments that await me how many will I do?


Lady Fur


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Photo Umberto Gorra

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