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Intarsia Mink Fur, let me outline for you how to do a real striped mink intarsia

This is the photo of a three coloured mink fur with a geometric design shot during the Saga Furs auction. The mink intarsia was made by Saga Furs Design Center. I have also made a video about them.

How do you make a striped intarsia mink fur?

In this post I won’t explain exactly how to do the mink intarsia fur but I will illustrate in general the various steps that go behind an intarsia that apparently can seem simple.

And also about the mink intarisa I wore, in May, a jacket with the same type of intarsia but orange colour. Do you remember? Click here to see more photos.

intarsia mink fur coat saga furs
Lady Fur is wearing a intarsia mink fur coat by Saga Furs Design Center

Making an intarsia mink fur can seem easy but I can assure you it isn’t at all.

The bare truth: you can study how to do it, at the technical level but if you don’t have the sense of good taste for shapes and colours and feeling for the skin…forget it.

You also have to be really precise like a sharpener, have LOTS of patience and know the basics of fur. I have listed the basic requirements.

In the next posts I will do a video tutorial in Vladimiro’s laboratory to show you how to make an intarsia mink fur (I will make something easy because among the requirements listed above in this period I am missing one: patience) About Vladimiro Gioia the King of Mink intarsia do you remember this post? I was wearing a long fur coat with the mink skirt rich of intarsia =)=) I was in New York.

lady fur wearing intarsia mink fur in New York
Vladimiro Gioia mink coat (Lady Fur in NY)


Intarsia mink fur means means that you have to choose mink skins. Ok, it can seem stupid to say that but choosing skins is not like choosing materials.

Female mink skins or male mink skins? With the male ones you will obtain a more obvious finish, with the female ones a less marked one, lighter. The important thing is not mixing the two types because the result would be disastrous.

If I had to choose a mink to do the intarsia that you see in the photo I would choose feminine velvet mink skins.

The most important thing is that the sex, the quality, the colour and above all the height of the mink fur is similar in both skins.

Maybe it would have been better for me to entitle the post intarsia mink in three colours: white, mahogany and light blue.

The light blue mink is the only coloured one. To obtain the type of blue that you see in the photo you have to colour a white mink skin (pure white).

Once you have chosen the skins to inlay you go on to the nailing. Yes because mink skins are nailed. Once they are ready the desired design is traced on the hide of the skin.

Listen up fur lovers, this is a lesson that I learnt from Saga Furs: DON’T WASTE even a millimetre of mink skin.

If you draw the intarsia do it using all the skin. You are not working with paper but with skins that cost on average 100/200 euros (but the price cannot express the value of this magic material)

The drawing is done based on the direction of the skin. If you want your intarsia to have fur that goes in one direction you have to cut the pieces using logic.

When you have finished the drawing cut holding the oblique cutter. Try to cut only the hide and not the fur, follow the traces made with the biro on the skin with the cutter.

Don’t even think of cutting mink skin with scissors !! (I have seen it done) No comment!

Take the cut pieces and join them with the sewing machine with fur. Always remember the direction of the fur.

How do you sew with a sewing machine for fur? Take two pieces of mink to be sewn and put them one against the other. Insert all the fur between one mink skin and another so that the fur is not also sewn.

Fur sewing machines are very fun, personally I prefer sewing (bungling because I am not good at sewing, I have no patience ) with a fur machine to a sewing one.

Try to sew mink fur without breaking the machine’s needle. Try to love your sewing machine

Once you have sewn the pieces put a little pressure on the seams to flatten them.

At the end of the intarsia mink fur in some cases the work need to be nailed again in others no.

Finito! If you read the whole post you were great =) soon I will make a video tutorial with an explanation of how to make mink intarsia and interviewing Vladimiro Gioia.

If you are interest in find what is a Chevron techniques please click here

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