Moschino 2013 ss collection for men

Moschino’s supermarket astonishes and intrigues!
Introduced at the Milan Excelsior the 2013 S/S Collection for Men


What have the most glamorous Milan supermarket and the most origial Italian Maison in common?
Fashion! Once again, it’s Moschino ( to leave people breathless... So, riding the wave of the moment, he offers a sparkling fashion show, exaggerated and provocative… It’s the
majestic Excelsior to host the 2013 S/S Collection for Men. Guestsneed to go down to the huge halls in the basement… Already the invitation – an odd block of tickets for the shopping - speaks volumes…
Among pasta and tomatoes, Moschino’s “pieces of clothing”… Among oranges and carrots, the show is just starting… Amazing!
To model, there are the Rossella Jardini and Bill Shapiro’s men. Unconventional, eccentric, they are not afraid to dare. Self-centered, bold, self-deprecating, they play with their look and are confident in themselves. Printed designs bubbly in the same way as theimages of the cleansers that they represent. High colors, almost fluorescent: yellow, orange, white, Schiaparelli pink, electric blue. In the daytime, they are sporting in character. They wear outrageous shorts and pants to the ankle. They reinvent the tennis-style and prefer the suede loafers. A detail? The fiery red socks! At night they transform themselves. They choose more neutral colors: blue, gray, military green… They bet everything on the contrasts! They are the New Millennium English Lords! They do not give their uniqueness up and wear both sneakers and regimental papillon, smoking bands and funny glasses! There are lots of jackets in their closets... Navy, double-breasted, two button slim-structured ones … They love pastel scarves and silk pochette… Checked or striped, the shirts are beautiful and there is someone who even dares a half sleeve. They do not give up neither panama hats nor a pair of braces.. They want to be noticed and they succeed!
In the odd Moschino’s supermarket, you can find anything… With imagination and commitment, the two designers have created a young, fresh and innovative collection. Items in line with the Brand vision, boldly fashionable! A breath of fresh air that makes people smile and enjoy… the shopping has now a new concept! Bags full of snacks? No, thanks... I prefer clothes!
Which is the item that you prefer?
Photo Patrick Clark
xoxo Luca Imbimbo
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