Luxury mink fur techniques

luxury fur techniques

Little Mermaid’s tail in mink the luxury fur techniques by LuLu Liu Kick

Does this technique remind you of anything? When I saw it I couldn’t believe it. It’s the Little Mermaid’s tail in mink.

If you look closely at the detail you will discover the scales in mink of the Little Mermaid’s tail. I discovered it during one of my trips to Beijing.

In the previews post a wrote about How do you make striped mink intarsia? did you read it?

I was in Beijing for China Fashion Week to cover the shows as a special correspondent for and to focus on the furs, in particular the Kick Kopenhagen fur show.

kick lulu liu mink fur techniques
LuLu Liu dress in mink and leather

This new mink technique was designed by LuLu Liu a Chinese woman based in London. LuLu was one of my first followers, she was the first designer I interviewed on my blog, and then by chance our paths crossed. We haven’t been apart since I always follow her shows. The last was just a few days ago in London.

This type of technique with mink fur, nicknamed “the mink mermaid”, takes lots and lots of time, the Nappa of mink is cut and the scales are sewn by hand one by one.

On the Nappa leather of the mink with there is a highlight: two pearls, one clear and one dark, these too hand embroidered.

I don’t know if you have understood well: the scales with Nappa finish in mink are sewn ONE BY ONE. (just the thought of having to do something like that gives me a headache)I admire the furriers, the tailors, the machinists, the embroiderers! What hands, what head, what patience (it’s not for me) silly

Hours and hours of work. The designer LuLu Liu had the possibility to create such a complicated technique thanks to the support of Kick Studio of Kopenhagen Fur and used this treatment to create the skirt of the dress that she presented in the show that you can see here below.

I did this video 2 years ago (o my god I was really different from now)

This mink treatment really takes lots of time but it shows what an extremely ductile material fur is.

Fur skins allow designers to express their creativity to the full.

REMEMBER:  With fur skins, you can do what you want.

In this case, the difficulty for a designer isn’t creating something new, something different from the others, something new that doesn’t exist on the market.., the real problem is working on their creativity to try to contain it a little… I am referring to the fact that then it would be very difficult to sell it. happy-wink

But this is certainly not the case with this treatment because it is really particular suitable for an extreme luxury target.

LuLu Liu if you are reading my blog I hope I can wear the mermaid mink dress for the next  Fashion Week.

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