Lineapelle 25 – 27 Septmeber 2018


LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE 2018 when science inspires Fashion, Design and Automotive.

LINEAPELLE – 1.200 exhibitors and 20.000 economic operators will meet in September in Milan giving life to the most important global  business experience globale for intermediate goods destined for the fashion, luxury, design and automotive industries: the 95th edition of LINEAPELLE.

 Hosted from the 25th to the 27th of September 2018 in the big fair hub of Fieramilano Rho, LINEAPELLE innovates and renews itself, inaugurating INNOVATION SQUARE. 

LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE will give life to the length of Corso Italia in Milan and to a packed series of events where more than 40 academic speakers rom different countries all around the world will present the methods ready to be commercialized and the most significant results obtained from research applicable to the LINEAPELLE universe.

Hub of inspiration

 “Hub of inspiration” LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE will be the place where businesses will be able to find ideas to orient their own lines of futuristic research.  

Among the main actors of  LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE we find some of the most prestigious institutions at a global level like  Harvard Innovation Lab, London College of Fashion, Politecnico of Milan, Tufts University Boston, Adolph Merke Institute, Virginia Tech.

Biotechnologies, biometrics, circulation, new materials, artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics will be available to fashion businesses to provide all the tools to help find new sources of inspiration. 

 Science will open doors to fashion, fashion will open eyes in front of the fruit of research often coming from studies on the genesis of human life. 

Among the solutions that will be presented we find: new biomaterials made from cells and bacteria, spider silk obtained from yeast, self print 3D correlated to the project development of the designers, flexible electric circuits made in silk printable on soft surfaces, materials that “open and close” according to the temperature, gels that produce electricity imitating eels, innovative wearable sensors, applications of graphene (monatomic carbon layer), solutions of learning and artificial intelligence machines, robotics and automation.

 Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of Lineapelle, declares that “Our intention is not just to exhibit to our market what is happening in the world but to create a network of connections and an operative system that allows us to maintain international leadership also in the medium and long term”.  

The scenarios that science opens with its overpowering entry into the fashion world are so varied and exciting that it is difficult to hypothesize what the “future trends” might be, seeing as they are essentially unpredictable. 


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