Frost fox skin 40s

for stole orange suit max mara lady fur

Wearing a frost fox skin like back in the 40s. How beautiful would have been to live in those years…

That day I was in NY, going to a meeting with Jamie sitting next to me was analysing my outfit (an orange suite by Max Mara and the frost fox skin) while I, acting as a carefree, was looking out from the window. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, Jamie asked me. “Who’s your muse? Your inspiration?”. And then went on: “Mine is Anna Wintour”.

I was so tired that I couldn’t even remember a name. In my mind many names were floating.. Rihanna.. Lady Gaga.. no, too cheap, it was impossible.. so I avoid answering, saying that I was too focused on the forthcoming meeting.

In the pictures I am wearing a suite bought in my best friend’s shop (she has an awesome blog, I recon a visit) and a frost fox skin with cape, tail and feet like back in the 40s. Have you ever seen “Dance Girl Dance”, a movie shot in 1940?

In “Dance Girl Dance”, the protagonist arrives in the ballroom for the audition with a white fox skin with cape, tail and feet.

I personally think that is very elegant to wear the skins just like they are, without any further processing. I also wore sable pelts in Copenhagen, do you remember?
On a silk dress I was wearing some sable pelts from Guida.

lady fur orange suit walking Frost fox
Lady Fur in New York wearing Max Mara and a frost fox skin

Talking about my muse icon: I don’t have just one but many, some from the 40x and the 60s. One of them is Marella Agnelli, wife of Gianni Agnelli.

marella agnelli gianni agnelli dogs lawn
Marella Agnelli and Gianni Agnelli

Marella Agnelli used to love furs and wore them with an inimitable elegance. “Gianni Agnelli’s most attractive component has been Marella, his wife. The movie ‘The last swan’ is titled with her memories, and Richard Avedon pictures taken in the 50s explain it really well, the long ivory neck which underpins a sweetly enigmatic face. I just found a really interesting article about her on an Italian magazine, click here to read it.

Down here I will share some others pictures from Marella Agnelli.

marella agnelli divano

marella agnelli cani giardino
A picture of Marella Agnelli from her book

coniugi agnelli

marella agnelli macchina finestra

I am actually really drawn to all Fashion between the 40s and the 60s, when women used to appear very feminine and elegant: classy.

Fur coat from those year were FURS, item realised using many skins. Women from those years wore furs being conscious of the luxury they were wearing. When a girl turned 18 it was it was a common practice to gift a fur coat.

Unfortunately, with the passing of the years, we lost the sense of beauty and elegance, in fashion as well as in architecture, EVERYWHERE. The World of Today is CHEAP. While I’m walking for Milan, Turin, Copenhagen or another of the cities I’m used to, I loose myself looking at the antiques churches, buildings, palaces and I think with admiration about those men who projected and realised those wonders. lady fur reading posters

Since the 80s the sense of beauty and elegance started to decay. Top brands started to make compromises just to please the average user (the same one that, looking at b/w a picture from Lauren Bacall wearing a fur coat comes up saying “Ewwwwwwww, old stuff!”).
The same average user whom, only because he’s wearing 400 euros beat-up jeans, a t-short with a skull and Hermès bag feels chic.

Society changed, customs drastically changed. If fashion from the past was BEAUTIFUL, VERY SIMPLE and RICH, now it has become HARD, CHEAP and UGLY.

Fur value, for example, is gone.

The fur coat you buy during the current Winter won’t last till next one, because it will old-fashioned.

Just few designers make a difference. Also real tailors are still making it, by producing their own suits, and classy people are aimed only to them.
If I were rich, there are really little things I would buy in the shops… I would get everything tailored, trying to get inspirited by the years of elegance, sophistication and femininity.

The following are some others pictures that have inspired my outfit.

vogue cover model in grey
Vogue 1950
Model in black fur coat
Vogue 1950 (September)

women fur coat neck

Foto: Joshua Kogan

Make up: Joshua Beeler

Lady Fur

Lady Fur logo





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