Mifur 2015

Mifur 2015 a big, big success!

I write this post feeling so happy: it was an unforgettable fair. Until now, the most beautiful of all.

Two years ago – my first time at Mifur – I was anxious because I knew no one and no one knew me. Today, however, after a lot of work, the majority of exhibitors and visitors knew exactly who I was, they showed they were happy to see me and many visitors requested information about my blog and wanted to take a picture with me. =)

Mifur 2015 thanks

It is common practice to say thanks at the end of the post: I prefer to do it first. My thanks for making Mifur 2015 even more special than it already was goes to Saga Furs: it was really exciting to be back with you and learning as always, to Vinicio Pajaro for showing me the collection and giving me  the bracelet with mink and the Italian flag, to Monica Rindi for listening to me with so much interest, to Paoletti, Vladimiro Jun, Giovanni Albertalli Dyna Furs, De Carlis, AVANTI FURS (which are closely linked and also thank you for the trust given to me always), to Manakas, Kopenhagen Fur, Mib, Mayer, Michael Verghitsis, Fabrizio Ferrario, my dear friend Chris Bourtsos, Lasse from Nature Collection, Salad, Weloveparka, Bertula, Agni, Christian Ghielmetti and SF collections, Olivieri, IFF, Giorgio Magnani, Carlo Giuliana Teso, brothers Tsoukas Bros, Constantin Alessandro Bosso, Barbara Cavalleri, Federico Albarello, Accessories Fur, Carlo Guida, Mayer, Micillo, Claudio Palmiotti and the whole team of Mifur and the Italian fur association.

Mifur 2015 my work

For the 2015 edition of Mifur I thought to give my clients and friends at the fair fifty bottles of wine logoed with my name in collaboration with the famous italian brand of wines Biagi.

Mifur 2015 supported me by giving me the chance to have a stand in the press area of the fair with a led banner projecting pictures and videos made in recent years.

Irina, a dear friend of the fur industry, worked to promote the blog according to my stand.

Umberto, Mattia and I instead went to greet the exhibitors and offer them a bottle of wine.

Mifur 2015 buyers

I think in general the fair is not too bad compared to that of Hong Kong which was a disaster for 90% of the exhibitors. The most important buyers were present: maybe it was a little ‘less crowded than the previous year but the result is not so bad. Once in possession of more precise data will make a specific post.

Mifur 2015 events

Mifur began on day 3 and ended today 6 March. They were three days non-stop.

On the evening of 3 took place the Gala Party of Mifur 2015, on  4 there was Remix who dedicated the evening to young talents in collaboration with Vogue Talents. 5 I met with Lasse Nature Collection and Furbarzaar, and tonight, the fair now bring over I am finally at home and I am writing to you.

Tomorrow I leave for Paris with Umberto and Viviana Vignola. In Paris, I will go to fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week, designers with whom I will meet in many appointments, I will go to the fairs Tranoi and Premier, I will go in the fur area of Paris to present my blog and meet some very important people in our fur industry.

Soon I will share a post dedicated to the evening of the Gala Party Remix and the Mifur which this year turned 20.

Lady Fur


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Lady Fur Looks





argiris kranias avanti fur photo lady fur










 Chritian Ghielmetti and Lady Fur photo
Christian Ghielmetti and I
Ghiekmetti mifur photo
Rino Ghielmetti and I




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