Mink Coat New York Fashion Week 2015

Mink coat my fur jacket by Vladimiro Gioia wore in New York Fashion Week 2015

I wanted to share this photo. This with mink coat by Vladimiro Gioia during New York fashion week 2015 but it was impossible because of thousands of events and trips that have overwhelmed me in the last months. 

Not being structured yet (so still not having a big team) I haven’t been able to post my experiences and my outfits but don’t worry because soon there will be changes, I will say no more. =)

Those who have followed me for a long time know that I really love the furs of Vladimiro Gioia, not only for the combination of colours, furs that come from the most important auction houses and are of the highest quality, the work such as inlays, the wearability of the models that fit super well as I like, but also because, as I know the designer well, when I look at his furs I see him and his characteristics.

His furs are real works of art made in Italy, they are made with passion, love and determination. When I pass by the windows of the shops in Monte Carlo, at the Excelsior or in Hong Kong and I see Vladimiro Gioia’s fur, I perceive his character, his decision in this work I SEE HIM.

Vladimiro Gioia’s furs transmit exactly what he is.

This is one one of the other things that I like about my work, the fact to be able to meet stylists and see their their creations in the shops.  I have always liked the mink furs that you see in the photos with the 50’s inlaid skirt but it is not my favourite.

My absolute favourite is the white and brown one you can see it in my photos on instagram, I wore it with a FurLnad fox fur hat at  Helen Yarmak’s event in New York.I have many other postsof New York to share with you. Many other furs.

lady fur instagram 2 lady fur instagram

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My travels to New York, Paris, Shanghai, Peking and Kastoria the fur city.

PHOTO: Anna Palermo


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