Saga Furs happy to back again


Saga Furs I’m so happy to announce that I will collaborate again with Saga Furs.

I will be in Helsinki from 3 to 6 June we will share my experience in a new way.  <3 What I can guarantee is that I will be amongst the fur skins =) In the last two years I have done many interesting videos about the auction, the fox skins, the design center and I have shot amazing photos. Do you  remember this video?

Please click here to see all posts about Saga Furs and below my favorite photos with Saga Furs coats.


pimp my coat saga furs 2 pimp my coat saga furs

To see more photos click here 


Click here to see more photos


Click here to see more photos .

Follow my experience from 3 to 6 June in real time on SnapChat: LADY FUR tumblr_inline_naywqkoSL21rpkp36


  • Samantha you are a vision in furs…the epitome of beauty, grace, and sexuality. I love you in furs but more than that I love your passion for furs. It’s obvious you enjoy wearing them-much as I do! Thank you for your work and for being my fantasy in furs.

  • This is the best blog/picture/video I have ever seen! And I have been a furrier for 33 years. You are beautiful and your communication of the fur industry is unparalleled. Congratulations on your spectacular work!!! Love it!

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