Video Kastoria Fur Fair 2015

I share with you the mini video about the first two days of my experience in Kastoria for Kastoria Fur Fair 2015 IFFK 2015 : The Fur City.

Unfortunately, the photographer that collaborates with me had a family problem and could not follow my whole experience. =(

I wanted to record and share with you the magic moments that I experienced at a party with Fur Bazaar boys, the dinner with Valerie and Kiki, the meeting with Avanti Furs and Tasos Bourtsos, the amazing furs of Sargianni Furs, Obsession, the  beautiful people of Hotel Kastoria, Maria, Dimitris, Lion, Nikos and all my friends  and much more: I did it with snapchat and if I can soon I will publish them all in one video.

I want to say thank you to all the exhibitors and to all the people that made my experience incredible and unforgettable. I LOVE LOVE MY FUR SECTOR

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 Jacket Vladimiro Gioia

Shoes : Le Capresi

Video: Umberto Gorra 

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