Fur Accessories Bon-Bons to Pompoms

First post by Claire Buffoni, new fur UK contributor of our blog.

My fellow fur lovers, when the fabulous Lady Fur asked me to become a UK contributor on her blog, it felt like my fur-dream had finally come true.

I have been obsessed with furs, fur accessories and exotic skins for as long as I can remember. We were all told ‘not to touch!’ when we were younger, but my mischievousness was extremely dedicated; from launching myself at my grandmother’s mink coat with sticky little fingers, to stroking an escaped reticulated python in an American wildlife sanctuary, I just couldn’t seem to help myself.

When you love fur as much as I do, having to think about what to write in your first post is very tricky – there’s just too much I want to share. So when pondering this over a latte in a freezing coffee shop in Hampstead Heath, I thought what better to write about than the snuggly little gems that are keeping us warm this winter season.

Fur Accessories

If, like me, you were salivating over MSGM’s much sought after lipstick print silk shirts last summer, you will have become an avid fan and come across their MONSTER winter mittens. In rich hues of sapphire and emerald, these gloves will provide your paws with the perfect balance of warmth and elegance. If you like matchy-matchy accessories, Rachel Zeitlin’s knitted green pompom beanie is near enough a perfect colour match to the latter.

From Charlotte Simone’s fluffy pastel Bon-Bons, to Fendi’s colourful Bag Bugs, everywhere you look Londoners are going crazy for fur pompoms. Although they won’t keep you warm on the outside, they certainly keep me warm on the inside. Sophie Hulme’s goggle-eyed monsters and Rachel Zeitlin’s two-tone mink and fox fur keyrings add the perfect pop of colour to your bag, and even act as a cure for anxiety – in times of stress, play with a pompom. I wonder how Fendi’s ‘Karl’ would feel about me stroking him to calm my nerves.

Before the trend for knitted fur really lifted off, I always thought it look slightly dated – The Soho Furrier’s Kingly Ultimate scarf and Ducie’s tri-colour scarf have completely converted me. Their collegiate stripes and cascades of snuggly-soft fur have propelled these beauties to the top of my wish list. If only I had found these earlier, my university days in Oxford would have been much more glamourous. Stripes are timeless and there are so many amazing pieces to choose from; Ekaterina’s vibrant striped fur scarves join Prada and Blood & Honey’s colour-pop stoles as being this season’s longed-for accessory.

If I had it my way, all I would wear is fur. My ‘playful’ older brother once made me put on all the fur I own and I can’t say I recommend it. I’m a big fan of coloured fur, so I ask you to imagine what the offspring would look like if Bigfoot and an 80’s Elton John had a romantic encounter – I waddled out looking like a furry Mr Blobby. After this rather hot experience, I learnt two lessons:

ONE: Less is more TWO: Never trust your brother

My next post will be looking at pastels, so be sure to keep a look out!

With love,

Claire Buffoni

Instagram: @InFurzine

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