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Lady Fur is my nickname! It was given to me by my followers in 2013 after I had published a video regarding my strong passion for fur, this video, in one week, got more than thirty thousand views.

I dreamt of working in this sector. The one of fur. With many sacrifices I made it, creating something that no one had done before, welovefur: the first and only (independent) blog in the world dedicated to the fur sector.  

I have also earned recognition by international magazines like The Voice of Fur.

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Lady Fur is wearing a blue fox coat of Saga Furs – Lady Fur hug a fox bunny in real fur

I also founded SDR a fur leader brand strategy agency for fashion and digital sector click here to visit the website.


I think my passion, or rather craze, for furs started during the first months of my life when someone gave me a fur blanket. I must have been about two. As a matter of fact I guarded this blanket that I called “tittì” made in lapin fur jealously until the age of ten. I never went to sleep without stroking it with my hands.

It was my grandmother, compulsive buyer of furs, who passed on all her knowlege. So much so that by the age of fifteen, in any furrier I went into, I could recognize all the different types of furs. It amazed everyone. I could distinguish a fox fur from a mink or a sable extremely easily. I had all colours of beret to match with the furs that mum and granny gave me in Christmas. In this post I explain in detail how my passion came about.

To pay for my studies I also worked as sales assistant in some furriers in Turin and even as assistant tailor, modelist and machinist in some fur laboratories dotted around Liguria, Milan and Turin.

Then, thank God, my mum got engaged to a furrier.

If you are in the sector you can attend specialization courses in auction houses.

I had been dreaming day and night for years of doing a course in Kopenhagen Fur, that I love to call the mother of fur and that for me, today, is like a family. Those who have followed me for a long time will have seen the different posts dedicated to KF (that stands for Kopenhagen Fur)

So I attended the fur course, actually several courses, at Kopenhagen Fur and Saga Furs, the two most important auction houses of the fur sector and it changed my life.

Here below is a video of me in Saga Fur and one of Kopenhagen Fur and again here a post of when at the beginning of my blog I showed the Kopenhagen Fur diploma I had just completed… I was blond…chubby and spotty (ahhaha)

I was always looking for photos showing past and present furs. There was no information on the web. The sites I found were institutional, boring, old associations…That was at the end of 2012.

Vogue leather closed.

So I decided to open Welovefur, the first and only blog in the world dedicated to our sector. Really the blog talks of my life: Lady Fur in the fur sector.

It was a brave decision. At the time I had a permanent job: I was working in a fashion house. In the evening I started attending a course by the Region to become an entrepreneur. I made a business plan for the blog and obtained the support of the Region. And my adventure started. I moved to Milan and started working with many brands. Mainly abroad North Europa, America and China. Then I got sponsorship from leading companies in the sector that believed in my business idea.

On Welovefur you will find my videos at sector fairs like Chic Shanghai, the international fur salon Mifur, the fairs of Athens and Kastoria, Hong Kong Fur Fair, Mode Shanghai (I won’t list them all if not the post will become boring). However here you can see all my fur world section

You will also find videos of the auctions, informative posts regarding the world of fur and also interesting entries like advice on shopping for fur full of mood boards  (here a post shopping example with Gucci Fur Slippers) and captivating looks and obviously loads of photos of me in fur. MY STYLE is my best categorie

I go to catwalk shows in Copenhagen, New York, London, Milan, Paris and Shanghai every year so you will also find videos dedicated to fashion. I often collaborate with fashion magazines like Elle, Grazia, Haibao China and others where I share and review the shows. Watch one of my video on Elle

Now you are probably wondering how I can make a living with the blog.

After having studied and worked in the sector non-stop for four years, I have acquired the knowledge that brands in the fur sector need to renew themselves.

Not only is the blog followed by people that have a strong purchasing power in luxury goods, men and women aged 30 and over, real lovers of the sector, it is also followed by fashion buyers, journalists, operators of the sector who I have (in part) been able to meet during my travels, at fairs, fashion weeks and various events around the world.

We really care about having a close relationship with our followers so we work with e-mail marketing.

I offer consulting to brands of the sector that want to renew themselves and enter the fashion and web world. With my team I also deal with creating campaigns, look books and sometimes, only if specifically asked for and if we really believe in the brand, we manage Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram for fashion brands it is more and more important to be present in the right way … My Web Manager and I decided to open a new company together that offers services connect to Instagram soon we will share the link of the web site

And if you want more info on my background in the sector I am also a designer: I have been developing my own brand etc for two years…you can send me an email ladyfur@sdrsrl.com or check out my profile on linkedin

On the blog I also share the furs that are given to me only if I like them and I believe in the brand. If you are a brand and you want me to wear your fur write to me at ladyfur@sdrsrl.com putting “collaboration” as Subject.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, write to us and we will answer as soon as possible within 48 hours

If you would like to have more information about press, statistics data or other contact us.


Lady Fur featured with these magazine and many others

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