Python Jacket NYFW

nefw lady fur python jacket

Python jacket is one of those essential pieces of my wardrobe that I couldn’t do without. For the first day of NYFW: New York Fashion Week I wore a 70s inspired outfit.

If you love python like me look my second favourite python jacket. I hadn’t planned to go to NYFW because fashion shows don’t interest me particularly. Incredibly, but true, I prefer watching them at home wrapped up in my fur cover with a python border accompanied by a cup of tea, save pictures of the pieces that interest me the most, make mood boards and comment by phone with friends, designers etc…

They were for days full of meetings for future projects, shooting and events. For superstition, I won’t say more and remain vague.I think I slept for about 20 hours in total.  NYFW was one of the best of my life. The house where I stayed was in Brooklyn, a penthouse from where you could see all NY: it was a dream. On my bed, there were two fur covers, one in sapphire mink and the other in sable.

Eddie Reich and Lady Fur
Eddie Reich and Lady Fur wearing python jacket

On the first day of my New York experience, I had a special meeting. I met Eddie Reich, president of ER Fur Trading Corporation, a very great company with a very important history, that has been passed down through four generations.

Eddie was CEO of J. Mendel’s for ten years before returning to the family business.

Er Fur produces fur pieces for big fashion brands in America, China, Italy, France, Israel, Hong Kong.

In the photos, I am with the president Eddie Reich.

Visiting their offices was a very interesting experience, and I also had the possibility to choose fur from one of the brands of their production: Oscar de la Renta.

A fur that was completely embroidered by hand. You will see it soon on my blog.

Some photos at ER Fur Trading Corporation

fur cover ER Fur Trading Corporation
python jacket Vladmiro Gioia
ER Fur Trading Corporation lady fur
python jacket Vladmiro Gioia

ER Fur Trading Corporation

Eddie Reich and Lady Fur chnchilla skins ER Fur Trading Corporation

About the python jacket that I’m wearing in the photos: do you remember this python photo of 2013? 


I worked with an AWESOME team. This post is dedicated to them and I want to thank them:

Richard Swartz: I’m not sure that the infinite space the blog offers me will be enough to describe Richard’s incredible character. Richard is the owner of Mano Swartz the oldest furrier of the United States. In August I did a big project with him, please click here to see the beginning of it. Soon I will launch the second biggest part of that amazing fur project.

Richard in this part of my life is like my mentor. We are every day in touch and we talk for hours and hours about our fur sector. From Richard, I’m learning things that no school and no job can teach you. <3 Richard thank you very much for everything<3 LADY FUR LOVES RICHARD SWARTZ

Ryan Hamilos: Kalimera Kalispera Ryan is half greek and half American he loves Gianni Agnelli’s style and Ferrari. He is a big entrepreneur with a creative futuristic vision who is helping me in positioning my blog into the States. Ryan organised all my experience in New York and we are planning to work nearest really soon. I hear from Ryan more than I do from my mother, when I wake up Kalimera and when I go to sleep Kalispera. Ryan, I’m sure you are reading my post so I will call you in a minute =) LADY FUR LOVES RYAN

nefw lady fur python jacket
Vladimiro Gioia Jacket Kate Pant Prada Shoes
nefw lady fur python jacket
Giancarlo Petriglia Bag

Jamie Falkowski: he is a super-smart young entrepreneur he is the founder of the mindshare agency. He looks like he’s 28-29 years old even though his age is around 40. I hope he will reveal soon the secret of youth. He is a real genius, talks like a genius super fast because he thinks about 1000 things together. And of course, without explain anything he totally understands what I’m doing with my blog. Jamie put me up me in his beautiful home and he treated me like a princess. We lunched at Bergdorf Goodman: it was beautiful. Jamie, I love you <3

Joshua Kogan: a super beautiful talented and professional photographer with a lot of patience =). Visiting his web site you will see how many photos he has taken: campaigns, portraits, fashion photos for important brands like Valentino. We have two really strong characters so we argued a  little bit during the shooting, droving Ryan crazy, but we also laughed a lot and had a lot of fun. Now we are closer than before. Joshua, I love you. Thank you.

Joshua Beeler: he is a really super talented makeup artist he literally transformed my face. Thank you Joshua I love you I hope you are reading my blog post I can’t wait to work again with you. What I like about Joshua is that he really cares about the health of my skin. Many makeup artists don’t care about the client’s skin. They just put the foundation and products without thinking if that product will make your skin dirty or irritated. Often I get spots because the foundation is not good for my skin. Joshua uses amazing products, before making me up he prepared my skin with fabulous creams and the last day he gave me a small bag with creams for my face. =)LADYFURLOVESJOSHUA If you want to find Joshua follow him on Instagram @lovejoshua

nefw lady fur python jacket

nefw lady fur python jacket
70s Look NYFW

nefw lady fur python jacket

Raouf Marzouki: super sweet hairstylist, but he is not only a hairstylist he is an ARTIST. He is super fast and precise, and super PROFESSIONAL. LADYFURLOVESRAOUF

Python Jacket NYFW 70's look nefw lady fur python jacket

The real python jacket is by Vladimiro Gioia. About Vladimiro that I love to call Vladi next week, I will see a premiere of his  s/s collection made nearly exclusively in crocodile and embroidery.

The glasses are Mykita, gold colour ultra-light, the trousers are by brand Kate, the jeans shirt is by Zara and the bag is Giancarlo Petriglia

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