Imagine Talents by Kopenhagen Fur – First day of my experience

Imagine Talents Kopenhagen Fur project day one

Dear Fur lovers

 I want to share with you the first day of my experience with Kopenhagen Fur in Copenhagen fot the Imagine Talents project.  What is it about?

Kopenhagen Fur has launched a new project for the future dedicated to the world of fashion and innovation.
Let me explains better.
The project is called IMAGINE TALENTS Kopenhagen fur (calling it a PROJECT is an understatement, really it is every student’s DREAM).
Kopenhagen Fur has brought in twenty one future designers coming from international in France, Korea, Japan, China, Denmark and the UK, and has given each of them these possibilities:
  • create a fur garment
  • present it during Copenhagen fashion week, with a show in a super modern location and 800 guests.
  • exhibit the fur at the National Museum of Denmark, during an exhibition dedicated to fur from 28 January to 1 February.
On arrival, the designers were treated like royalty: They took part in a workshop on the fur sector, that gave them a complete vision of our sector, also permitting them to touch the raw materials with their own hands.
Later they visited the auction house, Kick, a mink farm and many others.
They could admire the town’s, but above all spend time with the Kopenhagen Fur and Kick team at imagine talents, meet the directors and have direct contact with them, which us  always a real learning experience.
This, in short, is what they did and from here I want to tell you everything that happened day by day.

A great satisfaction at Imagine Talents

Kopenhagen Fur charged me not only with communicating  Imagine Talents  (I will share a post with interviewed and photos of their creations) but also with a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Needless to say this project was not only satisfying but also formative because there is always something new to learn from them.


My Day at Imagine Talents Kopenhagen Fur

On my arrival at the hotel, the Phoenix situated right in the centre of Copenhagen, I got changed and had my make up done by a great make up artist, Saira Khan, then I went to Kick where I immediately fell in LOVE AT FIRST with a multicoloured mink fur vest  with the writing POP.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of having some shots taken by Umberto Gorra the photographer who followed me during this experience.
I had some meetings with Kick and Kopenhagen Fur, we planned the videos and the posts and in the afternoon after having met the twenty one designers we went to Kick’s Designer Centre as you can see in the photos.


Always in the afternoon we shot some Street styles for Elle.
This splendid day ended with a dinner together at the Tivoli Restaurant  where you can taste the best sushi in the Danish capital.



In the photos I am wearing a POP look

Kick mink fur

Jeans Avedon Skynny Alex Jeans 



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