My first Red Carpet at the 70th edition of the Venice Cinema Festival.


My first Red Carpet! I still can’t quite believe it …

A list of words that describe how I felt from 9 in the morning of di Wednesday 4 September 2013 RED CARPET DAY until 2 in the morning of the following day:

HAPPY ( when I heard the news )


SUPER NERVOUS ( a few minutes before the Red Carpet )



PETRIFIED ( On the Red Carpet )

IMMENSELY HAPPY ( as soon as the Red Carpet was over )


The andrenalin rush that hit me at the end of the event was so incredibile and unexpected that I collapsed asleep, on the taxi-gondola, on Vladimiro’s shoulder =)

Here are the photos of my Red Carpet al Venice Cinema Festival.


I wore a dress by Albino and Radà jewelry. 

I took part in the Premier of Patrice Leconte’s film : “Une Promesse”

Among the main actors there was Alan Rickman one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter saga.

Coming soon the video of my experience at the 70th edition of the Venice Cinema Festival.

Miao Miao

Lady Fur



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