Small Satisfactions

I dedicate this post to all my Beloved Fur Followers,

Every morning, when I wake up, my first thought runs to my iPad which urges me to take it and read messages that you’ve sent me on various social networks.

Many of you have the habit of sending me, for example, photos of a fur coat you have bought asking me my opinion. Others of you transmit photos about furs caught in luxury fashion shops around the world.

And even: there are fashion designers that constantly update me sending photos of dresses, fur coats of their collections.

Or, brands interested in using fur that asking me my opinions, tips, information or send me shots about pieces of fur with particular processing.

Precisely yesterday I got an email rich of photos of a chinchilla farm from an Argentinian professional fur worker.

In other words, you make me feel important, almost as if I was your point of reference in this sector.

I don’t want to be presumptuous, but it’s as if you make me feel proud of my work.

Thank you very much.

Miao Miao

Your Lady Fur


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