Special occasion special lingerie

lingerie special occasion chinchilla

Special lingerie is what you need for a super special occasion and you are looking for a sexy lingerie

You can think of nothing but him, you imagine every instant, every single detail of what will be an unforgettable evening, you picture the scene: he arrives at your home to take you out for dinner, you open the door in a super sexy dress and ask him to help you on with your chinchilla fur and he, while he helps you to put it on, caresses and kisses you sweetly on the neck and then the hands and the lips.. the fur slips to the ground and…

What do you wear for that so special night? I’m not talking about on top in my case the advice would seem a bit granted, a very soft fur-like chinchilla but about the special lingerie sexy or better “hot” underwear.


Is it better to choose sexy lingerie according to his tastes or yours? I think that if your relationship has been going on for a long time it would be better to choose thinking about his taste: if instead the person you have to meet is someone that you desire madly, you have never been together or you have seen each other rarely, I advise following your instinct. Wear what gives you the most confidence and makes you feel sexy and at ease.

For example, the underwear that I am wearing with chinchilla fur in the photos is a body by a very famous lingerie brand: Oysho

The body is in silk and lace, very tight. Perfect for one of those special evenings I was speaking about.

I made a selection for you of sensual underwear sets. Brand OYSHO

Oysho lingerie Autumn Winter 2015-2016

The Oysho collection of women’s underwear for autumn-winter is simple but full of precious details that make it mysterious and sensual.

To connect with the online shop at Oysho click here, the underwear collection I like most is Vogue Lingerie by Oysho

Dear fur lovers if instead, you are more interested in the chinchilla fur I am embracing and wearing in the photos click here to read a dedicated post.

The fur is by Christian Ghelmetti made in Italy and the show-room is in Milan.

If you love lingerie like me I advise you to read my previous posts, full of photos dedicated to sets like that taken in Copenhagen where I am wearing a set by Chantal Thomass, the post on lynx skins and others.

Oysho lingerie

HERE A SECOND SELECTION OF LINGERIE. (If you click on the product you will be connected directly with the shop)
If you like my looks with fur follow them clicking here

Recently I have made a video with Mano Swartz the oldest furrier in America have you seen it?

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