It’s Kopenhagen Fur Auction s/s 2015 ! The video

Video of my experience at Kopenhagen Fur Auction  “Fur The Fairy Tale Fashion” collection at China Fashion Week in Beijing!!

I will start the post telling you a real fairy tale: The Real Fur Fairy Tale

Fifteen minutes of show, six months of work more or less. The mother of the fur business (Kopenhagen Fur) started as an auction but it is much more, it leads a thousand projects intended for development.

To name one: Nexus and Kick that incorporate the brands that intend to develop collections with fur, have selected four talented international designers, giving them the possibility not only to create the collection at their expense but also to present it with a big show during the Chinese fashion week complete with press and super important guests.

To be influential, videos must last two minutes maximum and we have left just the most important scenes like the interview with LuLu Liu, the designer I spoke to you about in previous posts.

Here are a few hints to make what happens in the video clearer. It was shot in PBeijing, at the China Fashion Week,  commissioned by a few international fashion magazines, with the intention of describing both my personal experience at the Kopenhagen Fur Auction House ss 2015 show  and my impressions of the whole event in general. Soon I will in fact publish the video on, e

The Kopenhagen Fur Auction show was held in the heart of the Chinese fashion week at D-Park 751 nicknamed Art Area because it is rich with brands and emerging artists at theMercedes Benz stand.

I don’t want to be repetitive, -.- in the two last posts I had already described the show, the designers, the fur pieces and the new workings and, even if I would willingly speak of them again, so as not to bore those of you who read me everyday, I would ask you to see the last two posts clicking here .

I was captivated, in particular, by the coloring and workmanship technique of the outfit in emerald green mik by the sylist that I interviewed, Lu Lu Liu.

LuLu Liu played The Little Mermaid and that dress, commendably represents the real tail of the main character of Christian Anderson’s fairy tale.

I think that the workmanship is: mink worked with laser inlays with dyed and tusselled leather that could be used on collars or cuffs and also as a border in fur and on leather and python jackets.. In fact after having seen it I got thousands of ideas.

I strongly believe that the Kopenhagen Fur Action shows leave something inside you, that pass on ideas, enrich you, exite you and make you think and think again about that working, shape, combination, cut, are WINNING shows! The Kopenhagen fur show enriched me with ideas, images and scenarios that I need and you need as a spark to create new workings or trends.


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