Imagine Talents Day Two

Many photos dedicated to my experience in Copenhagen with Kopenhagen Fur

Dear fur Lovers, as promised here is the second post dedicated to my experience in  Copenhagen with Kopenhagen Fur for the IMAGINE TALENTS project.

To read the first post and discover more about this projct click here.

In the photos that you see I am in a room at Kick with the twenty one fashion designers participating in the project. That room in particular is one of my favourites, I could stay there for days on end.

All the samples of the new techniques with mink and many others skins are kept inside.

For a designer to be able to see these samples can be very useful because, as well as allowing them to learn new techniques, it can prove a real source of inspiration for new creations.

With fur skins there are no limits: you can colour, cut, lengthen, reuse, make up end of line items…Look for example at this techinque with Greenland seal, skins sold exclusively by Kopenahgen Fur. I am crazy about the 3D work. Talking of seal fur, follow me because soon I will talk of Mark Tan of the stylists that showed at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, proposing in fact a collection with seal fur.

I have the bad habit of wanting to tell too many things in one post, and here I am again going off subject!

Let’s get back to the second day of Kick for the IMAGINE TALENTS project.

In the morning the designers presented furs created by them, explaining both their work and the tcehniques used and in the afternoon they visited a mink farm.

In the evening there was the grand event: the Show (soon I will share the video and the photos with details of the young stylist’s furs)

Having already seen the mink farm in the past, I prefered to follow the preparations for the show.

I cannot wait for tomorrow to publish the next post.

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Lady Fur Look

KATE Knitwear

Shirt Armani

Photo Umberto Gorra



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