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HOW EXCITING my first show was!…and in Monte Carlo, the elite of the luxury world.

The Principality of Monaco has recently seen the creation of the Chamber of Fashion, founded by  Federica Spinetta, owner of a very well known brand in Monte Carlo, Beach & Cachemire.

The Monaco Chamber of Fashion has many projects in the pipeline and you will soon here about them: rumour has it that it will become a meeting point for top luxury and fashion brands but for the moment it’s top secret and can’t reveal any more.

The internationality of this Principality, the special and unique atmosphere, the dolce vita, and the life style of the women of Monaco have always fascinated me!

I have a childhood memory that has remained indelible in my mind. I was ten years old, I was sitting in the car with my father and I was looking at the view. Suddenly, catching sight of the buildings that towered towards the heavens I exclaimed: “One day I will live here.”

Chance would have it that I really lived in Monaco for a year and I feel like I’ll be going back soon.  Monaco is on my famous dream / goal list.

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Going back to the show, I had the pleasure of collaborating with my first employers, to whom I am gratefil for having taught me so much: Rosanna Trinchese e Roberto Rosini. It was also moving for them to verify how much I have grown…

Special thanks goes to Carlo Ramello for having given me the possibility to show in Monaco and take part in the Fair. For this was a great satisfaction because Carlo Ramello is my mother’s partner’s brand, and the trust that they showed in investing in me really filled me with joy and pride. I feel like I am little by little getting closer to achieving my objectives and you don’t know how happy that makes me <3 <3 <3

I thank my mother, grandmother and sister for always being at my side, even and above all at difficult moments <3 <3 <3 <3.

And also to all of you who follow me every day sending hundreds of sms, in boxes, likes and comments on my social networks and blogs…. a big “THANK YOU” FOR HAVING MADE AND ALREADY SPECIAL AND FORGETTABLE DAY ALL THE MORE SO!=)

Photos of the show coming soon <3

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