I want to share with Davide's wall the super innovative project by Davide Micciulla.

Underwear and fur are paired up.

For me fur is not just an esthetic pleasure, it's not just colour, shape, quality or the importance of its role in the fashion or luxury worlds...these are not the factors that attract my attention. 

I like fur for the strong sensual power it gives off when I look at it, when I caress it, when I wear it. 

I love all furs but my favourite are long haired ones like sable, chincilla, mink, fox but I love also the shorter ones like seal, persian etc...


My dear fur lovers

I am living a magical moment.

What is happening to me at work seems pure magic. Have I been too much abosorbed by the character Sailor Moon? #poteredicristallodiluna

As many of you know I am a big fan of Sailor Moon. A few weeks ago the new episodes came out and I am not missing one, even if I have to watch it at night, given that both during the day and at night I am working as if there were no tomorrow. Will I go on holiday? I am not sure but what I do know is that all the sacrifices I am making are being repaid =) >> READ MORE

I am really happy to share with you one of my new passions Greenlandic Seal sold by Kopenhagen Fur that I thank infinitely for having opened a new world up to me.

The seal fur that Kopenhagen Fur sells are furs that come from the Inuits, the indigenous population that lives in Greenland. This means that the seals are not killed for the purpose of being sold at auction to then transform them into fur garments, but to protect and save the existence of the indigenous population. Yes, you understood correctly, and now I will explain why.

The Inuits (a self sufficient population) survive thanks to seal hunting. Nothing of the animal is wasted: with their fat they heat their houses, with the furs they create clothes, a part of the body is destined for food while the insides become food for the dogs.

Seal hunting is therefore sustainable hunting, above all if you consider the fact that more and more are born each year and that, if they were not culled, they would represent a serious danger for the reproduction of smaller fish, endangering the survival of the indigenous populations of the Arctic.

Things  to highlight and memorize well:

-Seals are not an endangered species.

-In Greenland the Inuits hunt seals with pistols.

-Kopenhagen Fur sells only this type of fur that is the only one saleable all overEurope. Moral: They are then NOT banned...I WILL USE THEM IN MY NEXT COLLECTION!!!

Neither did I want to nor would I neglect this important information... but now let's get to the most FASHIONABLE and INTERESTING part for us designers and fur fans.