Even if the press day was two days ago, i have only just got over it.

My press office team directed by Elisa Airaghi and Manuela Cappellini is not just light years ahead, it's much more!!!! The idea of allowing people to follow the event live was genius and worked perfectly.

From 10 in the morning until 7pm I presented my collection to the press and to bloggers. 

From 7 to 10,30pm there was the Cocktail Party during which I made a few discoveries.

One of the three owners of my favourite flower shop in Milan is originally from Turin like me and is also from my same area and practically the same street.... Her name is Carlotta Lievore her shop is Coralflowershop .

My favourite drink is HugoSpritz  http://www.hugospritz.it/it/  Tastey! I must have drunk at least four or five. The HugoSpritz promoter (very cute by the way) reminded me a little of my ex boyfriend Franz who was also a promoter but for Redbull.

The python skin and horse shoe collection that I wanted so much to wear, displayed next to mine, is by Viviana Vignola, a real super elegant-chic Napolitan, also coming from the fur sector... We immediately became great FRIENDS =) The show brand is RACINE CARREE >> READ MORE

While I was repeating this phrase 'twenty-five million skins, I got goose bumps on my own skin!

Matteo was shooting me and I started the video, that I will publish today, saying: TWENTY-FIVE MILLION SKINS. Do you have any idea how many that is? It's a difficult number to quantify and imagine. Well, I haven't seen them all but nearly!

I went all around the auction (Kopenhagen Fur is mega gigantic) on a scooter accompanied by Søren, who, with loads of enthusiasm and passion, showed me even the "secret" rooms telling me about the GREAT job there is behind every single fur. YOU CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE IT. TRUST ME.


These photos are just a small preview. I can't wait to publish the video: tomorrow, Saturday morning at the latest. IT WILL BE SUPER COOL. MAYBE ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS I HAVE MADE IN MY LIFE.

A small hint about how an auction works for those who don't know:

The auction receives furs from the farmers.

Let's talk about  mink: there are several types ( black nad white, spotted, frosted, cinammon colour etc), look at this video where Lune will show you some.

Then the auction separates the furs by type,sex ( male or female), then by size, color, clarity, hair length and quality.

Very expensive machines and super advanced technology recognises the skins, the type, the quality, the size, the color,the hair length and differentiates them, then the Kopenhagen Fur team does a last check personally analyzing every single fur and subdividing them again. >> READ MORE

Here in Copenhagen the climate is very different from Italy. That day, then, it was stupidly cold.

For lunch, I decided to go to the most important and best Sushi restaurant in the city of Copenhagen in Sticks'n'Sushi situated on the last floor of the Tivoli hotel with 360 degree view.

If you go to Copenhagen this is another place to write in your diary. The sushi is delicious and melts in the mouth.

The cold was so intense as to convince me to wear seal fur. With its wide and covering hood I could shelter from the wind and the rain.


We shot the photos in this restaurant with a panoramic view of the city, where, in the summer, having lunch or dinner in the open air on the big terrace is really exciting.

As you can easily see from the photos, I am dressed, as we usually say in Italy, like an onion, or rather in layers.

Seal fur coat

My brand jacket with murmasky , wool jumper, violet Max and Co dress, polo neck  and under all that petticoat and leotard.




Do you think I was cold?

I really ate a lot: no description is necessary the photos speak for themselves.


Did you read the title well? The press day and cocktail party of my collection SAMANTHA DE REVIZIIS WILL be in streaming. You will be able to follow me in real time.

So! Prepare popcorn and candies and follow me!

For everyone that will not be able to come to my event in Milan at No Words in the Corso Como area you will be able to follow directly from your tablet or mac, pc, from my blog or clicking here from my press office's you tube channel.

Il press day will be OPEN DAY from 10 am to 10pm

From 7pm to 10pm COCKTAIL PARTY!!! This will also be in streaming  >> READ MORE

And here you are! As promised in the previous post for who hasn't read it (click here) I will share with you some of the work  with seal done by Kick Kopenhagen Fur .

Naturally these are only a small part of the work that I saw. Be inspired but know that more, much more can be done. Try to think how you would use seal.

Differently from other furs you don't have to nail it and it's much easier to sew and work with.


For creatives seal fur could be the best aspiration to express their own genius.

Its flexibility lends itself to the creativity and fantasy of the designers. Moreover it is easy to colour. The skin also absorbs colour very well. We can even obtain beautiful pastel tones.

I already have a thousand ideas whirling around my head...And you? >> READ MORE