My beloved followers,

Holiday they say and for also time for change.

I have to sign off temporarily, but I solemnly swear that I will return in October with a big surprise.

I thank all the companies, brands and in particular auctions, for having invested in my projects and supported my ideas. It has been a year full of successes and, if today I can achieve my dreams, it is also thanks to you who have believed in me.

And heartfelt thanks goes to all the followers of my blog, extraordinary followers, lovers of luxury, fur, cachemire and leather feticists; entrepreneurs, successful managers, breeders, workers in my sector and women who love shopping...THANKS!!! WITHOUT YOU NONE OF THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED.

This is the last post of the current blog.

See you in October with the explosive BLOG MAGAZINE,  a new chapter in my life with you

ladyfur, on, te bed, lady fur sexy on the bed in furClick READ MORE to see more photos >> READ MORE

I want to share with Davide's wall the super innovative project by Davide Micciulla.

Underwear and fur are paired up.

For me fur is not just an esthetic pleasure, it's not just colour, shape, quality or the importance of its role in the fashion or luxury worlds...these are not the factors that attract my attention. 

I like fur for the strong sensual power it gives off when I look at it, when I caress it, when I wear it. 

I love all furs but my favourite are long haired ones like sable, chincilla, mink, fox but I love also the shorter ones like seal, persian etc...


My dear fur lovers

I am living a magical moment.

What is happening to me at work seems pure magic. Have I been too much abosorbed by the character Sailor Moon? #poteredicristallodiluna

As many of you know I am a big fan of Sailor Moon. A few weeks ago the new episodes came out and I am not missing one, even if I have to watch it at night, given that both during the day and at night I am working as if there were no tomorrow. Will I go on holiday? I am not sure but what I do know is that all the sacrifices I am making are being repaid =) >> READ MORE