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fashion sustainability book samantha de reviziis

It is not a debate, it is not an attack against the fashion industry. Instead, it is a solution for an industry that I truly love and that I hope will return to being as ethical as it was in the past.

I went through:

violent attacks by animal rights activists on the web (all the death threats I have received from the people who unjustly attacked me will be published in my book)


bullying by schoolmates as soon as I opened the blog, people who I used to consider friends but who decided to make fun of me, just to get a bunch of likes on Facebook. These same people opened a Facebook page, on which they teased me en masse, simply because I was doing my job as a researcher in the fur industry (an industry which they did not appreciate nor support).

When I arrived in Milan, I was excluded by some fashion brands (those that used to produce furs — and that currently are my customers). At that time, it was better to make furs communicating that they were fake, or not to communicate them at all.

I have experienced all of this bullying and negativity, simply for promoting a natural, biodegradable material, a friend to planet Earth.

For telling the truth.

An uncomfortable truth, but a truth that could save the planet one day.

After so many useless complaints notified to the postal police


fears and phobias (now defeated)

I created a network — of educated and well-informed people about topics such as sustainability and the environment

I’m finishing writing my first book on the sustainability of fashion.

The aim is for this to be a useful book that will offer effective solutions to fashion businesses that are currently using synthetic fabrics and that do not respect the environment nor the rights of humans and animals. A book that will make people meditate on what should be the true and new goal of our beloved fashion industry.

Today, in addition to being a point of reference in the fur industry, I also work as a consultant for many fashion brands. I love to help brands to use biodegradable materials and fabrics. My work consists not only of finding valid substitutes for synthetic fabrics (which are suffocating and indigestible for our planet), but also in helping companies to work ethically and sustainably. Sustainability in this context means sustainability that should be both environmental, social and economic.

I do not want to attack the fashion industry, I just want to suggest a way that it can work to solve a problem created by animal welfare associations. Animal welfare associations such as PETA were born with the aim of safeguarding animals, but to obtain so and to gain both public consensus and strong economic incomes, they ended up embracing extremist positions, forgetting their original mission and becoming the protagonists of the killing of what they should have protected: the animals and the environment. How did they manage to do such thing? By confusing and misinforming public opinion, by creating sensitizing marketing strategies with big fashion players — such a devastating strategy. If nobody intervenes, soon we will end up dressing only in plastic and there will not be a future for our grandchildren.

If you wish to ask me questions about any of these topics and issues, once a month I will activate the ASK ME A QUESTION sticker on Instagram @samantha, through which you will be able to ask me all the questions you wish, provided they are related to the world of fur and sustainability.

Thank you

Samantha De Reviziis


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