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kim felciaRead the interview done in Copenhagen with Kim Felecia, young fur designer

LF: Lady Fur

KF: Kim Felecia

LF: How are you?

KF: I am still overwhelmed after this tremendous experience participating as one of the 21 chosen designers for IMAGINE TALENTS 2015.

LF: Tell me about your experience with Kopenhagen Fur in Copenhagen:

KF: The program for the IMAGINE TALENT designers was amazing – an event where nothing was missing. At first I felt nervous meeting the other 21 designers from around the world, but it was truly inspiring to see and hear every single designers thoughts and ideas of their own fur creation – there were indeed differences depending on nationality and background. I feel pleased and thankful to have met such interesting new people even though we all are very individual. All though our differences we all felt like a unite, especially when the show started and the first presentable group of a strong model army walked in. At there we all knew that IMAGINE was REALITY and I got tears in my eyes.

Thanks to Kopenhagen Fur for a challenging course and a spectacular show.

LF: Tell me about your inspiration/describe your creation:

KF: As a designer I find myself strong within the interesting combination of two organic materials, fur and knit – from where I work hard to incorporate a contrast between the organic structure of the material used in a geometrical appearance in order to achieve an unique result. For inspiration I have investigated the the 60s fashion era, where I have found great interest within the space age, especially for Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges and Jean Voight with a twist of classic chic feminism from Mary Quant. Black is a reference in between classic and modern, the metallic appearance an expression from the space age period and futurism. As fur I have used black mink and fox to support my black universe in combination with natural chinchilla as reference to the metallic shades. The flat knit technique is based on a 3D expression supporting the dimensional surface of the hair structure within the variation of fur types. I am specialized in industrial flat knit and fur techniques from TEKO Business & Design / VIA University College, Denmark – now working for Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, which have been giving me a special opportunity to work out my IMAGINE style by myself still with a close correspondence and cooperation to the workshop and furriers at KICK. Over all my IMAGINE style is a further development of my graduation collection from December 2013, where I established my own strong design DNA. The collection is shown at

LF: Describe your dream job:

KF: I am working as design assistant for Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur – which is a dream coming true – working with fur in fashion and proudly representing Kopenhagen Fur and hereby also the development of fur in the fashion and lifestyle industry. I feel such lucky and proud to have achieved my job at Oh! as my first job after my graduation as designer, which for quite long time felt very unreal.

LF: What do you do in your free time?

KF: Haha ! What is free time nowadays? Most of my time is used at my work, working. When free time occurs I enjoy myself with those I love and appreciate having in my life, drinking good wine, eating, laughing n’ talking, having a nice cup of coffee.

LF: What are your next plans?

KF: We all have our dreams, which I live for.


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