A crazy day and a GREAT IDEA: SEALS!!!


Seal skin is incredibly soft, the fur is brilliant, its colour natural, very light, with white silver tones.

Seal skin is little known because of The lack of communication about it and so at The moment it still isn’t widely used in the fashion sector.

Even I was convinced that The skin was rigid and its long hairs hard…instead no…TOP QUALITY seal fur seems like MINK.

I am not joking! TOP QUALITY seal could be mistaken for mink.

There are four categories of seal fur (I am referring naturally to those of Greenland ) : A, B, C, D.

The first two are Mainly used in The fashion sector: they are of excellent quality, homogenous and brilliant color and have no holes. The other two are instead used for accessories and design furniture.

The cost of a seal fur is around 120 euro (nearly like that of a mink). The difference is in its size: the fur is decisively larger. MUCH LARGER.

Its fur doesn’t have wool but has only long, well defined and resistant TOP HAIR.

Other benefit of this fur is its lasting in time, it is easy to work and colour. in fact, i have to say that I liked it so much that I will definitely use it in my next collections. i think that working with this fur will be great fun.

Tomorrow I ‘m off to Kick, at the Kopenhagen Fur design studio, to see how the designers work this skin and surely I will test it already. Inlay seal with fox? With mink? With Rex? With leather? Mamma mia i can’t wait to get started.

Seal could well be the deal of the century: to make a jacket with two furs and have The same Effect as mink but more resistant and at a LOWER PRICE! That means COMPETIVITY, INNOVATION, FASHION!!!


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