In the Qatar Desert

fur vest qatar desert

For years I have been recommending that top fur / fashion brands also make their spring/summer collections and complete them with knitwear and other pieces.

They have always been ahead.

They did.

Right! I didn’t tell you who the brand is.

The total look I wore in the Qatar desert (a 100% cashmere suit and an inlaid mink fur vest) is by Manzoni24.

I had already talked about the high quality of Manzoni24 furs during Paris Couture Week.

Manzoni24 not only launched spring summer, but also knitwear and the menswear!


Excuse me!

I almost forgot,

now, they also have instagram @manzoni24_italy

Follow them =) It is pretty cool.

The photos were taken by my Matteo Volta.




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