Wearing real fur in the rain is ok?

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Wearing real fur in the rain is judged by many people as a giant mistake. This is the same for any other material, when it’s raining outside.

If you ask to your friends, you will find out soon how many people will not even think about wearing fur in the rain. But please don’t let them convince you.

Wearing real fur in the rain is ok, and we will now explain you the main reasons.

Let’s think about animal in general or about your dog. When my two small dogs, for example, run under the water, their fur looks exactly the same. It does not get ruined.

I do it myself: working with Lady Fur, founder of welovefur.com, I have many fur coat at my disposal and I wear them also with the rain, especially the shorthaired, less sensitive than the others.

  •  Real fur is naturally impermeable

Wearing real fur in the rain is ok, first of all because is naturally impermeable, which means that the water will not go through it. How can this be? Real fur has natural oils, coming from fur, which together with fur hair structure will drive away all the water.

Another thing is if the fur coat is immerse in the water: this may damage it, but this is clearly a different situation from a simple rain.

This was the first reason why wearing fur in the rain is ok.

  • How to dry real fur

Wearing real fur in the rain is ok, do you start to agree? Let’s go forward then. After being under the rain, a fur needs to be dried. How to dry a fur? Not with a dryer or similar, and neither hanging it in the sun. Dryer and sun would be the worst techniques, because they are directly warm sources. To dry real fur, you need to avoid direct warm sources. Instead, prefer an air dryer or a simply ventilated area.

Please be sure to check that the fur coat is totally dried before hanging it back in the closet.

For example last weekend, while I was on the mountains, I wore a sable and swakara coat. I went out with my boyfriend and my dogs for an hunting trip, when suddenly it started to rain.

I was the coolest hunter of the entire group and I didn’t feel like finishing the hunting, because my lovely fur coat, personalised with my name, would have get too wet. As soon as I got home, i hung my swakara and sable coat in the bathroom, and the day after it was dried and brand new. My only regret was for not having the chance to wear it the same night, during the dinner organised by my friends hunters.

  • Don’t let the fur get soaked

On thing is a “London rain”, another one a “Summer storm”.

lady fur snow sable coat swakara coat
Lady fur wearing a swakara and sable coat


If wearing real fur in the rain is ok, it is not to let it drenched out. If this happens, make sure to get a professional help, as a furrier, that knows hot to treat what real fur.

  • Conclusions

The rain will not be a problem anymore: once you know that wearing real fur in the rain is ok, the fair will go away and you will be stylishly furried for all Autumn and Winter.
Just a small recap: wearing real fur in the rain is ok because is naturally made water repeller; once you get home after a rain, make sure to dry it; do not let your real fur get soaked under the rain.

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