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fur skirt 1970 style lady fur

Fur skirt make you look a little bit fat and short if you don’t have a super perfect body: super tall and skinny like a model.

I’m not tall like a model and, sorry, I am pearshaped so beautiful fur skirt is not really suited to my body but luckily I have a good photographer that helps me with photoshop and I understand how to wear clothes and I will share some secret tips.

Fur skirt in general is a difficult piece to wear because the hair of creates a lot of volume but there are some tips that I would love share with you about how to wear the furry skirts that I really, really love.

fur fur skirt 1970 style lady fur
Lady Fur at Saga Furs Design Center

As you have seen on my blog I have worn the fur skirt several times. In the past I have worn a fox fur skirt from my collection and another one bought at Carlo Ramello the brand for which I did the campaign.
In this case, in the photos I was at Saga Furs Design Center.

Sorry, before I forget and go on with the tips about how to wear a fur skirt, I just want to inform you that I have shared the video of my experience before going to New York Fashion Week, have you watched it? I forgot to share it on my channel, I wanted to be sure you saw it.

As you can see in the photos Saga Furs Design Center is a super luxury villa, full of art, style and furs. What could I wear to be in style with the luxury fur villa? A real fur skirt made in Saga Furs =)
The inspiration of my look is 70’s,  I hope you like it.

fur skirt 1970 style lady fur
Mink Fur Skirt by Saga Furs
fur skirt 1970 style lady fur
Lady Fur


fur skirt 1970 style lady fur The Fur skirt: how to wear it, Lady Fur’s tips

First of all analyse your body, if you have mediterranean or pear shaped body (like me) I advise you to wear a 50’s style fur skirt, flared with an high waist.

If you wear a  50’s style fur skirt you can accentuate your waist with a belt, and also enhance your shoulder with an elegant short jacket in leather or crocodile or a leather top to create a really femminine body. The body shape that I love most is the hourglass body.
One of my favorite fashion icons Ulyana Sergeenko, wore a fur sable long skirt long until her feet.








fur skirt 1970 style lady fur

70’s Fur outfit

Interview of Lady Fur

If you are skinny you can wear what you want, also short fur skirts with an 80’s style. If you are pear shaped wearing a short fur skirt is not the best choice, even though if you find the way to look at your best, you can wear it without any problems. With short fur skirts it is important to pay attention about what you will wear on the top, I think the best idea is to wear big wool knitwear, or a shirt with a wool vest that covers the skirt a little bit, which is exactly what I did in these pictures.
You should add volume on the top.

lady fur interview

saga furs
Room of Lady Fur at Saga Furs Design Center
saga furs
Bed with fur at Saga Furs Design Center
saga furs
Dinner Saga Furs Design Center
saga furs
Saga Furs Design Center
saga furs
Dinner Saga Furs Design Center

In the past I have worn a fox fur skirt, the hair were really long since it was silver fur fox. At night I wore the fur skirt with a simple tube top or, during the day, with a super tight shirt.

The fur skirt that you see in the photos is made with mink.
The technique of the mink fur skirt is inlay with border in chamois.
For my outfit I took inspiration from the ’70s.

About style tips soon I will share a mood board with all the fur skirts that I like.
We are going to share a new category dedicated to fur shopping online.

Lady Fur
first and only fur blogger present on the web

Lady Fur logo





Photo: Jana Anhalt

Make Up: Laura Laira 


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