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BUN the quilted jackets that accompanied during Fashion Week 

BUN is a brand specialized in quilted jackets and it is the brand of my friend Francesca Miatto, a young entrepreneur and designer. 

Francesca gave me a jacket but, having fallen in love with the collection, I thought well to ask her for two. 

I wore them often and shot them in Milan, Paris and Shanghai.

“But does your jacket have a double quilt? Like they used to do in the past? What brand is it? Does it also have double pockets? 

These are questions that my colleagues and friends in fashion asked me nearly every time I wore my Bun jacket.

BUN is a brand tied to the history of fashion that combines craftsmenship and high quality Made in Italy with innovative techniques for working with the product, designed with essential shapes that follow the dynamism of the modern woman.  

Bun quilted jackets are unique and have an innovate and really functional design. 

For more information on Bun visit their official site.

I advise you to read carefully on their site the part dedicated to the BUN collection where there is also the possibilty to view the whole collection. 

On the website of Bun Italy there is also an online shop where you can buy fur accessories

The Instagram of BUN is @BUNITALY_OFFICIAL  

Photos with the green jacket in Milan during the Tod’s event and after the Roberto Cavalli show



Photos with the cream jacket in Shanghai 


we shot them at 6 in the morning before going to the Chic Shanghai fair


Love Bun <3 

Look: jacket Bun – shoes Chanel ss new collection

Photo: Matteo Volta 

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