There are numbers and numbers!!! Or are there ?


My beloved dears,

FINALLY I’m going to Peking, Beijing! I FINALLY writing it now as I have had other opportunities to go there and then, unexplainably, the plans vanished INTO THIN AIR  2008 : An important Italian shoe company proposes collaborating.I leave my current job and start making mental trips, building dreams of how my life in China will be. I start preparing for my goodbye dinner with friends and relatives. There I am, basically ready to face a new challenge in this eastern world where the economy is in full development and the word crisis is completely unknown.But then out of the blue: DRIN DRIN.. the telephone rings. It’s 16:04 on an unlucky day (16 + 4 = 20). There! Precisely one of the numbers that brings me bad luck). Sorry, I inherited this mania from my maternal grandmother: sometimes I find myself adding the numbers of car license plates, those of hotel rooms or those of dates when I will have to deal with something important to discover if a lucky number will come out.I answer the telephone: the cold and detached tone of the marketing manager brings me back to the sad reality.

The Beijing project has fallen through. Problems with the  government are preventing the opening of shops and all the rest.

That is what happened in 2008

2010 : An agency in Milan proposes participating in a luxury fair, always in Beijing. Pity that before leaving I have to discover that it is all a big con. It goes without saying that I feel stupid as well as unlucky!

2012: In Copenhagen I specialize attending a mink sorting course. In my class there are 25 Chinese pupils! Being strongly attracted by their culture and showing great interest in all things Eastern I fall in love with one of them.

And where do you think he lives? In Peking naturally.

Unfortunately, the relationship finishes even before it starts.

But finally in 2013 I decide to open in Chinese for the market of that contry and, thanks to this great idea I AM GOING TO CHINA! YES! TODAY, October 2013 I AM GOING TO PEKING! 

And my illness for numbers rejoins the dance: I received the confirmation email from my client with the proposal of going to Beijing at 7.17 of the 5th of  September (all lucky numbers for me!)

I will only stay one week, but I am already expecting it to be very intense.

I will participate in Beijing Fashion Week where I will create videos and photos for my blog and  for ( #SUPERHAPPY)

My Chinese site will be moved to a Chinese server.

I will also have several work appointments for future collaborations with Chinese companies.

Lady Fur


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