ONE YEAR OF ACTIVITY: Happy Birthday Lady Fur SDR !!!

I dedicate this post to all the people who have believed in me and continue to do so, to my family and my beloved team – I infinitely thank you for your support and …… for putting up with me when my mood is not the best!

Mario Santella SEO and Programmer, Andrea Oggiano Art Director (graphics and web welovefur), Diana Bottignolo, Liu and Marina from China, Anna, all photographers and video makers that have collaborated with me: Alessandra Soldo, Mattia Kamikaze, Jana Anglad, Marica … I LOVE YOU! Without you, welovefur would not be as special as it is.


The end of August 2012 I presented the business plan and they liked the idea. It was settled!

One year ago, on the 22nd of October, I was in Piazza San Babila on the top floor of one of the most beautiful buildings in Milan. I was there to sign the articles of association.

Sitting in front of me was my notary with his assistant, my accountant, the bookkeeper and two other people. There were many of us, Eduardo, the accountant made a joke, “Are we opening a multination?”

In my little megalomaniac head I thought, “One day we will meet here again and we will do it!”

Dreams aside, the blog had already existed for a year, but it was not a professional blog: I did not even post photos. I wrote and that’s it, I did not have a team, I did not have an office, I did not have any clients yet, nor a powerful server. But I did have clear ideas about what I wanted.

Today, welovefur, that has been changed to the name Lady Fur, is on 4 domains and written in four different languages.

My collaborators and I have worked day and night (including weekends), calling companies to propose projects tailored to them. A good average of these were successful, allowing me advantageous collaborations and great journeys.

I went to Copenhagen , Helsinki, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Kastoria: I participated in the various fashion weeks and in the Venice Film Festival, where I walked the Red Carpet.

I collaborated as an editor with FUR ARPEL for three editions writing many articles.

I became a member of the IFTF.

I started to take forward my future as a designer bt creating the brand LADY FUR, a capsule collection of a few fur pieces presenting it at the various fairs of the fur sector.

Yesterday i finished creating the new F / W 2014- 2015 collection composed of 35/40 pieces thanks to the help of a great Milanese stylist VLADIMIRO GIOIA who believed in me and in my talent.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Peking for the Beijing Fashion Week to create a video experience and a video for as Reporter.

I am very happy with the results achieved in just one year of work. I sacrificed a lot, I also cried, got mad and I really don’t know how many times ..but IT WAS WORTH IT. It has been a year rich with highly formative experiences, really strong emotions, hard challenges and absolute joy.

OBJECTIVES FOR 2015? I have many, but to summarize:




Continue to improve the quality of my blogs and position myself in the Russian and Asian markets.

Develop projects with companies of the fur, fashion and publishing sector.

Position my brand: Lady Fur.

Continue to grow my team.

And finally, close the year positively.



Miao Miao

Your Lady Fur




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