Time of balance


First year in business. Yesterday my accountant gave me the balance.

“A significant result for the market and sector you work in..” my accountant wrote in the email with the balance attached.

First year in business: A 10 thousand euro loss!

Destiny would have it that it was given to me the day before my birthday. I couldn’t have received more comforting news. Two good reasons to celebrate!

A 10 thousand euro loss for the first year in business, reliable sources say it is not bad and in my opinion it couldn’t have gone better.

It’s so great to see something that you have created with your own hands grow, together with the trust of important people who have believed in you and in your ideas enough to persuade them to invest.

Today for me a new chapter, a big new challenge is starting: the objectives, the plans and the strategies are changing!!!

Special thanks goes to all the  companies that have contributed to making my dream become true.

In a year the blog has grown a lot and has quadrupled: Welovefur.com, .it( italian ), .ru (russian), .cn ( chinese). Visits to the sites and Social Networks have increased notaby and the team has grown.

Both the blogs and my image are managed by DBA Italy, one of the TOP agencies in the world; I have started to collaborate With elle.it ( my favourite magazine since he age of 18) for special project. I am fashion influencer and I have a personal blog on Haibao.com,  one of the most read agazines in China. And more: I have a column entirely dedicated to the fur sector on unadonna.it, a site I have a strong connection with, and i have worked all year with the most important auctions of the fur sector  like Kopenahgen Fur, Saga Furs, American Legend travelling all over the word on projects with important fashion, luxury and technology brands.

And finally, last but certainly not least, despite having worked as a designer for other brands, I created my collection deciding in this way to split projects.

I have made mistakes, I have fallen, but I havebalways got back up fighting for my ideas and I will continue to do this thanks to my beloved followers and in particular to Fur lovers that continue to support with emails, comments, and visits. thanks from the heart.

This work that i love so much, as well as providing very good training because it has taught me to manage a team and an SRL company, has given me the possibility to meet people who have importat roles:  company directors or marketing managers allowing me in this way to grow in the sector I love most, fur, a sector in constant evoluti on and other worlds.

I could write a book on what happened in 2013 and 2014 bit I prefer to close  with renewed thanks to all those who continue to follow me and to all Fur Lovers who in difficult moments have passed on the right energy to find the course to get up and Go ahead, improving  more and more.



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