Silvia Venturini Fendi The Queen of Fur

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As I just went to Rome the first thing was I went to Palazzo Fendi to dream in front of the shop window .

Subsequently I headed to the Limited Unlimited event , Alta Roma, sponsored by Fendi an exhibition that involved many young designers in the creation of unique limited edition clothes respecting the value of research , craftsmanship with the concept of couture.


The theme was Sculptural below you can see the photos of the creations that I liked most. For more info about Alta Roma please click here 


The Elefante bag by Arnoldo||Battois , is a bag in plungè tassel totally made by hand .


Gareth Pugh, a dress to go on the moon


Click here for more photos


In this event I had the honor of meeting The Queen of Fur SILVIA VENTURINI FENDI .


It was a unique emotion, total and indescribable : at the same time I was speaking almost  stuttering  my face changed colour.


Nevertheless she is a sweet person and she listened with pleasure .


For me FENDI is the most important italian Maison in Italy , the only one that could be able to write the history not only of fashion but of the fur .


Every high society woman and not only has desired a Fendi fur coat synonymous with hight quality craftsmanship and made in Italy.


I also always dream of wearing a Fendi fur coat that is an icon symbol of the history and future of fashion uniques , indelible and insuperable.


Differently from this blind and deaf government that instead of helping small workshops, for wich we are famous all over the worlds , prefers to rescue the bank and the big companies .


Silvia Venturini who is always the new president of the Consortium charged with managing fashion in Rome for the next three years, continues to believe in young people.


She declared : “We will give value to craftsmanship , we will look for the Lagerfeld of tomorrow , capable of attracting foreign press but also happy to have a new experiences in the small workshop to learn


She certainly has understood what Italy’s strengths are and know how to defend them .


It’s a pity she’s not in politics


With Love


Lady Fur

Gareth PughGareth Pugh


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