Queen Elizabeth II has 30 fur coats

Did you know that  Queen Elizazabeth II has 30 fur coats?


Without counting fur stoles, fur accessories , fur blankets etc….

I would love see all furs but unfortunately on google I found few photos…

Sincerely I think that for a Queen 30 fur coat are not many  .

Or maybe she has more but for the message to “the press” it is better decrease the amount.

According to statistics most people theta live in the  UK hate fur coats and leather products but it  is very strange because if you think that The Queen and the uniforms of the UK guards are rich of furs … They use fur and leather for many things more than Italy and Paris …

Did you remember my post about my trip to London ? Click here to watch the post.

Here are  some photos that I found around google  from Gatty images.


Lady Fur


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