Ciao Fur Lovers!

So, did you like my New Fur Video?

This video is for all of you out there and especially for my grandmother who got me into loving fur.

I shared it just yesterday and I got 1000 views! 


Read the article and you’ll find out how it all started ….

Enjoy =)


When I was little, my grandmother loved to take out the fur coats and jackets from her wardrobe and put them on the bed.  For fun, she would close the doors and spread them all around and we would lay in our underwear and swim around in them…

She adored explaining the differences between sable and mink, as well as many others ….

My Granny used to smoke a lot of cigarettes, always with a cigarette holder,  and every time that we were around fur she would put out the cigarette and tell me…

“Samantha when you grow up, stay away from people that smoke especially when you’re wearing fur because it soaks deep into it.  Furs are like people …. You have to love and respect them.  Furs don’t like hot temperatures, they need love and they need cold.  When you’re wearing fur you can feel its energy and warmth.”

My Granny would quiz me,

“Samantha what kind of fur is this?”, and already at 7 years old I could recognize all the different kinds of furs ….

Quite simply, this is HOW MY PASSION FOR FUR STARTED.

This video is for my Granny and my followers who believes in me and continuously follows me.  Thanks so much for your unconditional support!

Thanks to Carlo Ramello and Blink Mink, who both sponsored me.

Super thanks to Gabriele Olrdini for the production.

With Love, Lady Fur We Love Fur – fur coat blog


  • Che dire… fantastico video.. se ti serve un adepto a cui insegnare a riconoscere le pellicce al tatto, mi offro volontario..con questo caldo sarà uno sporco lavoro ma qualcuno dovrà pur farlo 😉

    What about … fantastic video .. If you need an adept to be taught to recognize the furs to the touch, I offer myself as a volunteer.. in this heat, it will be a dirty job but someone has to do 😉

  • Hi Sammantha!
    It’s great to see how open you speak of your fascination with furs.

    Your video is of great quality and I believe a lot of people visiting this site will recognize the idea to snug away in a room to have some private time with their fur(s). The best feel you have is when you just showered and had a good scrub on your skin, got really dry and lay all your furs on the bed. That’s the best soft experience you can get. And yes! It’s great if you can share it with a partner.
    Others are not that fortunate and have to deal in their imagination.
    Watching your vid will appeal to a lot of people’s imaginations.
    For a man wearing fur, is kind of odd in the most parts of the world and there are only a few fur types that a men can wear without looking to feminine. It’s a hard task to wear a fur outside here, but it is possible.
    Some women I came across where anti fur. But after some interactions with cold weather I elegantly handed out a fur from my collection and they didn’t resist. It is more convenient in your own private areas but breaking a taboo and then feeling the power a fur coat can bring, gives them more self esteem and they grow on that feeling. It’s great to see that happen.
    They wear furs for their own now. 

    Well back to summer time. Warm weather, beach, light breeze of wind, sand twirling around your hot skin, (palm trees preferred), it’s great summer can give it’s pleasures.

    Good luck Sammantha, I can’t wait for a follow-up on that vid.


  • Sei semplicemente bellissima.
    Trasmetti la tua passione per le pellicce e per il tuo lavoro.
    Diventerai una BIG molto presto.

  • Hello Samantha,

    I just stared at your video and couldn’t belive it’s true…
    This video is fantastic! You’re such a beautiful girl!
    I have never seen a girl with the passion you have.
    I wish I could meet You in real life.


      • Would you tell me why?
        (I mean several ways why…)
        I’d have a lot of questions of You. I really interested about You.
        Unfortunately I don’t speak Italian, it’d be much more easier…
        Oh, never mind! I don’t want to disturb You.


        • That is such wonderful adicve. You are so adorable! My best adicve to young women is to make their husbands happy, not holy! I wish someone would have old me that 31 years ago when I got married.

  • Samantha, this video is a wonderful tribute to your grandmother! I love it! And I share your passion in that I love fur, too! My mother owned a mink coat and rarely wore it…. always saving it for a special day. If only she could have seen that in this short life EVERY DAY is special!!!

  • Video is F A N T A S T I C , really! It’s visible the touch of great Director.
    And you are W O N D E R F U L L !!!!
    I love your make up, your hair, your fantastic clothes…and of course your furs.
    So cool!!!!

  • you look incredable in furs, I dont care what peta or any of them say fur is great esspecially on increable women like you.

  • This video is a beautiful story, and a true one !
    A nice way to describe a love story in 1:39, and without words. Great idea, perfectly played and produced !
    More than this funny and amazing video, I am glad to see that you know how to make your blog work -even in summer !- when I see the very high number of comments you earned 😉

  • Io sto scoprendo piani piano questo blog e mi rendo sempre più conto dell’impegno che ci metti e del bel risultato che ottieni.Il video è molto bello e tu sei bellissima in mezzo a tutte quelle pellicce….beata te!!!Comunque mi ricorda un spot degli anni ’90 di una pellicceria di Roma dove c’era una ragazza che sdraiava tutte le sue pellicce sul letto ,si toglieva la camicia e di si buttava sopre.La pellicceria si chiama “Barbini” molto famosa a Roma e che ancora c’è ma purtroppo hanno smesso di fare spot in tv e neanche si trova nel web. Complimenti ancora…:-)

  • Well done, Sam.

    The video is top rate, and I am so envious of you and your relationship with your Grandmother. She was such an honest person, and lucky you for learning to appreciate furs from her.  Isn't it wonderful to tie your passion for fur with the love of your Granny ! 

    I agree totally with Dutch Fur, as I am a guy who fortunately can wear a fur and get great compliments when I do.  Nothing garish ,  just a raccoon or coyote coat, or pieced black fox jacket — but the reaction is universally positive. And since I value and enjoy the sensual qualities of fur, it is a real "high" for me to receive those comments.


  • Hi Samantha!!!  I absolutely LOVE this vid.  and all the others as well!  You look absolutely phenomenal in your coats, we share the same deep desires and passions for furs.  I have 94 furs myself (as you can see from my Flickr Page) There is NOTHING like putting on a coat thats FREEZING COLD and feeling it warm up with your body temp in like 15 seconds.  That liner becomes so toasty warm in just such a short time.  Fur is MY life, I wear it everyday from October 15th to April 15th and since I dont own a single coat thats NOT fur, I HAVE to wear fur because thats all I have, ahhh such a shame too.  Poor me!!!

    Well I would LOVE to talk with you more if you would want to.  Swap stories and stuff.

    You have my email, im on Yahoo IM just plug that email address in and chat me up!

    Thanks, hope to talk with you soon



    JenniFUR Lynn


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