Lady Fur style never without leopard ears

I have always loved ears… Not human ears but those of animals with points.
Ears are funny, sweet, and they transmit protection and love.
I love the ears of animals, dogs, cats, and cartoons, anime manga even more.
When I was 23 I opened my first company QUIRIZ srl. quiriz_srl_lady_fur It was a design studio.
Together with the logo I created a puppet with a very beautiful ears Quiriz.
This is Quiriz

I also made a real peluche that, together with Ernest my lynx peluche, slept in the bed with me.

Ernest lynx



Quiriz from Animactor on Vimeo.

Ears are like eyebrows they transmit the mood of people or animals but the difference is that ears transmit always sweetness never bad mood.

Lately I’ve been going out with my leopard ears that I created by myself with real leopard fur. ( I disassembled a pair of old gloves of my granny)

People think that I’m crazy but with my ears I fell more beautiful and sure of myself.

When I can’t wear them I usually go out only with my hair cat ears =) creating pointy ears with my big hair like Japanese cat girls.

I will create a post about this kind of hairstyle cat ears with a tutorial =)

Miao Miao Lady Fur

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